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Why Does Cannabis Cause Red Eyes?

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Cannabis and red eyes

I was recently looking through the FAQ sections on the various sites that I buy weed online from to see if I could learn something new and interesting when one question caught my eye—why does cannabis cause red eyes? In addition to the aroma wafting from your clothes after a session, red eyes are a sure sign that you have sparked up recently and have most likely landed yourself some mighty dank cannabis, however, what is really the cause of this tell-tale plight and what can we do about it? For the science behind this I asked one of the resident experts at the best online dispensary in Canada and she was able to provide some more details.

Cannabis causes the eyes to turn red for two reasons mainly—one being systemic bodily changes while the other, to a lesser extent, is external irritation. Any cannabis strain with moderate to high levels of THC will cause a slight drop in the blood pressure of the user causing blood vessels and capillaries to expand thereby allowing more blood to pass through. The small blood vessels in the eyes also widen which cause more blood to be delivered to the eyes and making them look red. Smoke in the eyes also causes an unpleasant sensation where your eyes will sting and water, however, this form of redness usually clears up in a few minutes.

Every local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot and online marijuana dispensary has been asked by users on how one can avoid or alleviate their case of the bloodshot eyes and their strategies are usually the same. Eye drops are the most popular recommendation and pharmaceutical companies now have many products to help remedy this issue quickly. Staying hydrated is another recommendation as are sunglasses though this later option may not always be practical.

The experts that I spoke to at the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot and online marijuana dispensary recommended prevention rather than trying to fix the problem afterwards. They suggested trying a strain lower in THC and higher in CBD—still enjoyable but without the red eyes. Vaping is another option as are edibles, either the kind you make yourself or the kind you get when you buy edibles online. As red eyes are caused mainly by systemic changes to the body, do note that a lower THC strain, vaping and eating your cannabis will still cause your eyes to become bloodshot but to a lesser extent.

Other than being a tell-tale sign that you have recently sparked up, having bloodshot eyes after indulging is not a sign of something potentially bad. As the resident expert I spoke with at the best online dispensary in Canada stated there is no serious health risk associated with the condition and it is a natural occurrence after smoking cannabis. As they stated, this is not a difficult fix and can be easily passed off an allergic reaction to something else.

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