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Why Athletes Love Cannabis

marijuana and sports
marijuana and sports

Ask at any local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana outlet or online dispensary in Canada and they would be able to tell you that a significant number of their clients are serious athletes. In recent years the National Football League (NFL) has been looking into the benefits of using cannabis to help manage injury pain and have found some success, however, athletes from other sports will tell you that there may be more benefits than first thought.

Anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from more effective recovery and cannabis has long been proven to provide relief for common ailments due to injury. Some athletes will ingest marijuana directly after a workout to reap the recovery benefits while others will take cannabis right before a workout as they find working out under the effects of weed boosts their performance.

Local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana websites or online dispensaries in Canada will tell you that cannabis is known to help reduce stress, decrease insomnia, reduce inflammation and pain all of which help the mind and body mend. Rest and sleep are critical components of mental and physical health—the body needs to repair itself and the mind needs to be balanced and at peace in order for an athlete to perform at their best. Using cannabis as a sleep and relaxation aid is often one of the queries you will see on the FAQ page of any online marijuana dispensary and is a tool athletes will tell you that have only positive results.

Cannabis is also known to help boost serotonin levels which help increase mood and any athlete will tell you that keeping a positive mindset is often the difference between success or failure. It also helps promote the “runner’s high” phenomenon wherein athletes experience a period of great focus and clarity. According to the resident science expert at the best online dispensary in Canada, this pain-numbing effect is often attributed to endorphins but a study in published by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that it is actually caused by endocannabinoids which the body can produce during periods of extreme physical stress. In other words, cannabis can help athletes reach this level of focus earlier on and help them achieve more in their outing.

A former serious athlete I spoke to about this subject and from whom I buy edibles online pointed out that cannabinoids such as THC and CBD help modulate the body’s immune response which help reduce cytokine levels. Cytokine is known to produce inflammation which is a natural response to injury. Movement in sports is often a series of repetitive movements which bring about injuries and inflammation so using cannabis to help reduce cytokine levels is good thing.

One thing that everyone from the local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada pointed out was that to use cannabis as a means to help promote athletic wellness and performance is one thing, but those who participate in competitions should consult the regulations governing their sport before embarking on a cannabis regime of any kind.


  1. Jessica

    Better question is who doesn’t love weed

  2. High level NFL and NBA stars have been using cannabis and it does not affect their play

  3. WSO many athletes use weed and preform like champs. I use weed and eat all day

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