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What to do with Disappointing Weed

bad weed vs good weed
bad weed vs good weed

We have all done it—jumped at the opportunity to buy cheap weed online only to find it much less then our expectations. It is not as if it was covered with mould or mildew so we could toss it without reservation but the weed was processed properly but the quality was just not there—what do we do now? Actually, there is quite a bit you can do…

You can always mix it up in the hopes that you come up with a concoction that your palate finds acceptable. Now if you have grandiose ideas of “creating” a new blend to share with the world of weed do note that any local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary will tell you your plan is a bit farfetched, as it often takes years and not to mention significant know-how to create a new strain. The best you can hope for is to create a mix you can tolerate.

If you are one to buy edibles online from time to time why not use your “reject” weed to make some goodies to enjoy. Making edibles at home is a great opportunity to use the

less than optimal stuff you got when you bought cheap weed online as quality of bud is not paramount when you are mixing it with other yummy ingredients—in cooking, a little cannabis goes a long way. Just be sure not to grind your bits to a pulp as too fine of a grind will not work. You are looking for the consistency of coarse salt.

If the process of making edibles is too onerous for you to tackle, you can always turn to the simpler task of making a tea or chai. Adding a flavoured teabag, herbs, spices or sweeteners can help soften or mask the harshness of whatever overwhelming flavour still comes through. Whenever I visit my friends at the best online dispensary in Canada, they often serve up a whiskey infused with what they consider to be reject cannabis samples. With alcohol as a base for this drink, the quality of the weed being infused is a non-issue.

Given the holiday season will soon be upon us, if you are one to gift home made items, how about jars of cannabis infused topicals for your bud loving friends? Ask any cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary and the will tell you these items have exploded in popularity in recent years so what could be better then a thoughtful, handmade gift from the heart—just be sure to leave out the part about you being disappointed with the quality of the stash of bud you got when you bought cheap weed online that one time.

As you can see, no need to despair as there is a lot you can do with your less than optimal purchase. Mixing it with some good stuff, making edibles, infusing it in beverages or using it in topicals are all great ideas. Just be sure to not make the same mistake twice when you buy weed online again and only visit reputable mail order marijuana depots and online dispensaries in Canada.

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