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What to do with Cannabis Stems – Part 2

Cannabis stems has long been regarded as the left over reject parts of what was your stash of bud. As good money was paid for your weed, we all feel remorseful at simply trashing it. I recently asked my friends from the various brick and mortar stores, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada if they had idea good ideas as to what I could I could do with these reject pieces and they had come up with some great ideas. In a recent blog we looked into smoking it, making charas, keif and bubble hash and this time we will look at some more interesting idea.

Making tea and chai was mentioned by my favourite online marijuana dispensary and if you are willing to put in a tiny bit of work you will be rewarded with a treat! Chop up a handful of stems and add to 500ml of water with a tablespoon of coconut oil and bring to a gentle boil. Let it boil for seven to eight minutes to reduce, drain out the stems and you are ready to enjoy. Some might find cannabis tea to be a bit harsh so adding a flavoured teabag, herbs or sweeteners can help soften or mask the flavour. Adding cardamom pods, pepper and ginger for chai is a great option as the aromatic flavours of the spices totally overwhelm the tinge of cannabis.

If you prefer a bit more kick when it comes to your beverages, try making a cannabis liqueur from your stems. I must say that when I recently visited my friends at my favourite mail order marijuana outlet, I was treated with a whiskey infused with reject cannabis stems and it was quite the experience. Start with any liquor with a content of 40% or more of alcohol such as whiskey, vodka or tequila which will properly break down the resin from the cannabis. Decant into a mason jar as the wide mouth allows you to easily toss in your stems. Let your mixture sit for about a week or so before you take your first taste. This can be an ongoing project where you continually add more stems and top up with liquor in order to end up with a thoroughly enjoyable concoction.

Perhaps the most interesting use of stems was suggested by the best online dispensary in Canada, which is to make a topical. These have become quite popular in recent years for targeted pain relief so it is a great way to make use of your stems for therapeutic purposes. The process can be a bit drawn out but the end result can be rewarding. Pour 250ml to 500ml of coconut oil into a pot and gently increase the temperature. Finely chop up about 50g to 100g of stems and add to the pre-heated oil. Here comes to long and drawn out part, let simmer for one to twelve hours—the longer you simmer the more time the cannabinoids has to bind to the oil and the more potent your topical becomes. When you are done, filter through a cheese cloth to separate the stems from the oil. At this point you can add some beeswax, shea butter in order to add some body to your topical. Let cool and try your new product on some aching body part.

There you have it. Some more interesting uses for cannabis stems by those in the know. My friends at the various brick and mortar weed stores, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada are always on the look out for new and creative ideas for cannabis so check back soon to see what else they have come up with!


  1. Johnson Miller

    What a brilliant idea and it’s quite interesting. I also read one blog about making a cookie made out of cannabis which is also a good idea.

  2. Aaron N

    Thanks for article. Now I know what to do with my stems

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