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What to do about the Lingering Smell of Cannabis

Springtime—a time for a thorough clean of any household especially after a long and cold winter of keeping the cold out and warmth in. COVID-19 did not do us any favours this year and it is most likely we spent more time inside than out social distancing and isolating while sparking up. Unfortunately, many condo boards and landlords have taken note and have been busy amending building by-laws to address the problem of lingering smoke within the premises. This in turn has caused many cannabis users to “take stock” and inquire with cannabis shops, mail order marijuana outlets as well as sites they buy weed online from as to what can be done to minimize or address the lingering smell of cannabis within their own homes. This topic was brought up recently during a Zoom call with some friends and associates from the cannabis industry and some very interesting points were brought up.

cannabis smell

One thing we all talked about was whether residual cannabis smoke was really all that damaging to furniture, carpet and walls when compared to cigarette smoke. An associate from the best online dispensary in Canada recently sold his abode and did some research on this topic and found that apparently 64 percent of Canadians who took a survey on the real estate website Zoocasa believed that smoking cannabis indoors decreased the value of their home. While the smell of cannabis smoke is undoubtedly strong, it does not seem to linger as much as cigarette smoke—years of chemical filled cigarette smoke can cause walls to yellow and carpets to be reek of cigarettes past. This does not seem to be the case with cannabis, however, there is  always the chance that odours can be trapped in porous surfaces so “precautions” should be taken if you choose to do so.

Several associates on the Zoom call from various online dispensaries in Canada found that simply cleaning paraphilia after each use with hot water and rubbing alcohol was enough to help manage the lingering pungent aroma in their homes—dirty ashtrays, sitting water in bongs and caked residue on pipes can be quite foul and stale smelling. They also tended to restrict their smoking to one room in the house that had windows that could be easily opened—an associate from a mail order marijuana depot also places a towel under the door of their “smoking room” to further minimize smoke escaping from the room. The resident science expert from the best online dispensary in Canada pointed out that smoke rises so it would be wise to refrain from smoking in the basement but rather in a room higher up in the house if possible. In addition to airing out a room to rid the smell of cannabis smoke, wiping walls down with a lemon and vinegar concoction and laundering soft items such as cushions and drapes is a good idea as is using essential oils to freshen up the room.

The pungent, impossible to ignore aroma of a freshly sparked joint is hard to mistaken and sometimes, the telltale signs of a session past are too difficult to hide. If you are restricted as to where you can spark up alternatives such as vaping and buying edibles online could be another option.

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  1. Lingering smell is the only downside of pot. That’s why I vape now

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