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What is Vaping?

handheld vaporizer
handheld vaporizer

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada and the popularity of portable vaporizers in current social culture, it is not surprising that cannabis vaporization is growing in popularity among cannabis users. Besides being healthier than traditional combustion methods, vaporizers are portable, more discreet and creates less of a potent aroma than smoking. The popularity of this product is evident from the wide variety of vaporizers available for purchase at any local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana distributor or online marijuana dispensary.

The precursor to the handheld vaporizer is the large and cumbersome desktop version which may seem like a relic from the past. Still used by many, these units are very reliable and good for those who do not need portability. Desktop versions allow for more customization in terms of power output and temperature moderation and have the ability to hold more cannabis. The balloon and valve as well as the hose system are among the most popular delivery methods in this category with neither being superior over the other and with preference based upon the needs of the user. Explore the paraphernalia section of the best online dispensary in Canada for examples of both.

Portable vaporizers have become the latest and greatest thing with the more popular ones being in limited supply at cannabis shops whether it be a brick and mortar store, a mail order marijuana distributor or online marijuana dispensary. Designed to be carried by the owner and used away from home, these devices are powered by rechargeable internal batteries and are quite impressive given their size, however, many be lacking in some of the fancier features when compared to the larger desktop version. Prior to purchasing a vaporizer do your research and seek the assistance from those at the cannabis shops and read the reviews from best online dispensary in Canada as not all devices are created equal. Not only do more expensive versions have more options, some vaporizers are meant for one type of use only so you will need to do your homework.

Considered to be healthier, vaping involves heating the cannabis to a temperature that turns the active compounds into a vapour but stops short of combustion, thereby preventing the release of harmful tar and carcinogens. Vaping also increases the amount of cannabis by-products that are activated, potentially increasing the health benefits for medical users. Mail order marijuana distributors and online marijuana dispensaries have observed that long time clients who have previously smoked cannabis have reported fewer respiratory ailments since switching to a vaporizer.

Depending on your vaping method, the full effect of the cannabis can be felt within minutes of consumption. When your weed has gone from green to a dark brown in colour, it is time for a new batch. Though your cannabis shop, mail order marijuana distributor and online marijuana dispensary would advise against it, it is possible to smoke your weed after it has been vaporized. Given that the smell, flavour and full effects may be lacking at this point, it may not be worth the trouble and you may be better off buying cheap weed online.

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  1. Jimison

    Vapes are taking over. No smell and so much stronger

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