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What is Shatter?

What is Shatter?

When looking at the various offerings of your local retail cannabis store or surfing the pages of your favourite online marijuana dispensary you have no doubt some across a category of products called shatter. You will notice straight away the majority of the products in this category are brittle and glasslike and snaps easily when handled, hence its name. It is a cannabis concentrate used mainly for dabbing and is a type of cannabis concentrate produced using a combination of weed plant materials and solvents. The finished product requires a long and delicate purging cycle to remove all the solvents used in its manufacture. Shatter is most widely recommended by online marijuana dispensaries for medicinal purposes as producers of the concentrate also make varieties high in cannabidiol (CBD) or the therapeutic ingredients and low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or the intoxicating components.

In the long history of cannabis consumption, the existence of shatter is relatively recent as it did not appear until the late 1990s when modern cannabis concentrate production was refined. Shatter did not make a real showing on the shelves of retail dispensaries and in the catalog of mail order marijuana distributors until the early 2000s but by the 2010s it was a solid staple with online marijuana dispensaries.

As shatter has a significantly higher level of THC, it is important to keep in mind the potential side effects of consumption. Overconsumption can easily lead to adverse side effects such as anxiety and paranoia and if you are seeking medical or therapeutic relief these results may only add to your plight. If in doubt, seek the guidance from the professionals at the retail cannabis store or best online dispensary in Canada.

Shatter requires decarboxylation or the activation of this compounds through heat in order to work. Vapourizing via a dabbing apparatus or vaporizer will produce immediate affects while consuming unheated shatter in its raw form will unlikely produce immediate or desirable results. Both CBD and THC dominate forms of shatter are consumed in the same manner and if you are in doubt as to which method to use, consult the professionals at the retail cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary.

Dabbing will require an apparatus similar to a bong that has a metal nail and blow torch and is designed to get the most out of concentrates. A small amount placed onto the nail and then light will yield immediate affects which can last many hours. If you prefer the vapourizing method ensure your pen is designed for concentrate use. Many pens have interchangeable chambers that allow for concentrates so simply placing a small amount of shatter in the chamber and heating it up is all that is required. While not recommended it is also possible to smoke shatter but be sure to mix with weed first as shatter alone does not burn well. Browse your retail cannabis store or best online dispensary in Canada for available devices to see what suits your needs.

Like all cannabis products, storing shatter properly is paramount or consistency, flavour and potency would be affected. Retail stores and online marijuana dispensaries store their products in a cool location and in airtight and lightproof containers away from high temperatures, moisture, oxygen and ultraviolet light as well as direct sunlight—a practice that should be continued when you get your shatter home.

Shatter is popular with users due to its high potency as only a very small amount will provide you with the effect you are after. Whether your needs are medicinal or recreational your retail stores, mail order marijuana distributor and online marijuana dispensary is sure to have what you are looking for.

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