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What are the Cannabis Shakes?

Cannabis Shakes
Cannabis Shakes

I was recently paying a social visit to the best online dispensary in Canada when a question came in via live chat–someone had consumed some weed and was experiencing a case of the cannabis shakes, what should they do? Apparently, this poor sap was enjoying a session with some friends with weed that they bought from this online marijuana dispensary and started to experience leg, shoulder and eye twitches. Following our advice, his friends managed to calm him down during the chat and the tremors dissipated, however, they were all stunned as they never experienced something like this before. So, what are the “cannabis shakes”?

Unlike the involuntary twitches and tremors associated with alcohol or tobacco withdrawal, if a person is in good health, cannabis shakes are generally nothing to be concerned with. Unlike hard drugs, cannabis has a very good safety profile and in most cases, an increased heart rate, sweating and nausea are all you can expect to experience if you consume too much weed. According to the various online marijuana dispensaries I consulted with, cannabis shakes often stop as abruptly as they begin and can be caused by a variety of things such as a cooler environment, over-stimulation, anxiety and too much THC.

Cannabis is known to lower your body temperature and if you are cold to start with, having a joint will not help. If you tend to favour spliffs over joints, the nicotine that stimulates your nervous system and boosts your dopamine level could be the cause of your shakes.

The caffeine in coffee, tea, soda does not help the situation much either as these are also stimulants. In the case of the poor sap whose friends felt obliged to reach out for an explanation from the best online website in Canada, he was experiencing a mild case of THC overload—too much in too short a period of time.

I was also reminded by the best online dispensary in Canada that cannabis can cause acute anxiety and paranoia and some people are more affected by this than others—especially those known to be a bit on the nervous side. As your body relaxes from the effects of the marijuana, these individuals may feel they are losing control which can amplify their anxiety. Settling down and relaxing are key to calming the shakes.

Though the cannabis shakes are not life-threatening, they can leave you and those as witness slightly taken back. In the case of our sap from the best online dispensary in Canada, after his friends turned off the multi colour flashing lights, cleared the room of excess smoke and he had a cup of hot coco, he was fine. Staying relaxed and warm helps calm anxieties as does avoiding excess stimulates like tobacco in your joints, caffeine pills or highly caffeinated beverages. If your strain of choice is the problem try something with a lower THC and higher on the Indica scale. If in doubt, turn to your budtenders at the local cannabis shop or ask chat away with any online marijuana dispensaries, they are always more than happy to help.


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