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Ways to Rid or Mask the Smell of Cannabis

Mask the Smell of Cannabis
Mask the Smell of Cannabis

Believe it or not, one of the most frequently seen questions in any given FAQ section of an online marijuana dispensary is, “How do I get rid of or mask the smell of cannabis?”. Though weed is now legal in Canada, many people are still mindful of their neighbours or would like to keep their consumption private. I asked around at various cannabis shops, mail order marijuana dispensaries as well as the best online dispensary in Canada and have come up with a short list of ideas to help keep your habit under the radar.

Febreeze was the most common answer I got when I asked those I buy weed online from. Though an artificial or fake variety of scents which can be overpowering if you use too much in one area, it nevertheless is a solid option. Since we are on the topic of fake scents, someone in the same place that I buy bud online from swears by Black Ice air fresheners from the makers of Little Trees. Black Ice comes in fibre cans, spray, car vent wraps (which I supposed you can place over a heating vent) and of course, trees. In the same category as Black Ice is Ozium, which has long been regarded as the classic smoke eliminator where its vanilla and lemon scent goes a long way in masking the tell-tale signs of weed.

A friend from the mail order marijuana depot told me when he was younger and was living with his grandparents, he used to smoke up in the bathroom—the trick he claimed, is to burn stick matches and turn on the exhaust fan. The sulfur from the burning match heads and the wood smoke from the stick covered a hit or two while the fan did the rest. He did also say he would spray the tub, shower and sink afterwards with some stay-on cleanser and used some thick toilet bowl cleaner to further mask the smell. There were times, however, he felt “lazy” and just smoked in the bathroom while running the shower hot—“Hawaiian Hotbox” style. The smell dissipated with the steam and was sucked out the bathroom fan.

One of the ladies from the best online dispensary in Canada recommended purposely burning popcorn to mask the lingering smell of weed. The smell of burnt popcorn can be easily explained and can be used in conjunction with other air fresheners without too much explanation. She also suggested using a paper towel roll and dryer sheet to diffuse the smell when smoking. Strap a dryer sheet onto the end of the roll with an elastic band and exhale gently into the open end. Whatever smoke that comes out the dryer sheet end will be diffused slightly lessening some of the tell-tale scent.

An old-timer I order weed online from suggested patchouli oil—which is what they used in the days of the hippie. This oil has a woody yet sweet and spicy scent and is often an additive in products such as perfume, cosmetics and incense. Not only does it have a long-lasting scent, it is known for its holistic properties such as in treating skin conditions, easing pain, relieving depression as well as stress and anxiety.

There you have it, just a few ways in which to rid or mask the smell of cannabis. Obviously, there are many other creative ideas out there which I did not touch upon nor did I even venture into products as commercial personal and whole room air filters. The point, however, is to give you a place to start so you can find what works for you.


  1. This is the age odl question with weed. Its so good but masking the smell is always a dead give away you are a smoker

  2. I always wanted to know how to get rid of smell of cannabis. Your site is extremely helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Way cool. Ill try some of these techniques

  4. Use a smoke filter. That does the trick

  5. The smell of weed, either from smoking, cooking, or growing it is a pretty big problem if you are trying to hide people knowing. To try and minimize the smell of weed smoke by having proper airflow.

  6. I will definitely try some of these tricks

  7. This might seem obvious but the best way to get of cannabis smell is to take it outdoors. This is the best way to avoid a build of that dank, instantly noticeable weed smell.

  8. Great suggestions on how to get rid of weed smell

  9. Thanks for the marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it

  10. This piece of writing on how to get rid of weed smell.

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