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Using Hemp Wick to Corner a Bowl

Hemp Wick
Hemp Wick

We have all done it, bought a stash of the really good stuff only too see it gone after a couple of sessions. What happened? Now that we burned through our premium supply (and our cash), we need to hit up the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana website or online marijuana dispensary yet again. Thankfully, there is a method called “cornering” to help conserve and extend our weed when using a bowl or pipe which is not too difficult to master and is sure to impress in a smoking circle.

Using a hemp wick for this purpose is ideal as this stiff yet pliable twine is very precise and gives you more control to corning a bowl. Hemp is also great for those who have inadvertently inhaled the fumes from a butane lighter or the acidic smoke from a match when lighting up as not only it is not a pleasant experience, you just breathed in foreign substances which have tainted your palate. Hemp is all-natural and not only does it combust at a lower temperature protecting your bud from burning through, it keeps external chemicals to a minimum and provides a smoother flavour overall. Available at your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary in a variety of diameters, hemp wick is usually sold in small bunches (which you can wrap around your lighter or bong for effect) or in larger balls (last when I buy weed online I got one at 500ft that came in a dispenser box).

Essentially cornering, or to corner a bowl, is to light your flame away from the pipe, bring it to over to the bowl and ease it over the lip lighting only a small corner of the full bowl. Ideally your goal is to burn a dot at the edge and if properly done, the ember or cherry stays lit and is stoked with each drag of the pipe. A hemp wick is ideal for this purpose given its precision and all-natural composition, as if you were to accidently flame the entire bowl, you would not be dropping flint and uncombusted fuel onto your bud. Cornering works with the majority of flower pieces and only with a decent sized pipe—a smaller piece that can only hold enough weed for a single hit will not work. Ask at your local cannabis shop for pointers or peruse the education section of any online dispensary in Canada for how-to videos.

Learning how to properly corner a bowl not only allows you to conserve weed, it is a great skill to have when passing the pipe around—gone would be the stress and pressure of having to quickly pass the pipe around to ensure that everyone gets a hit. Cornering in a circle also ensures that the last person is not left with scraps and should provide the first and the last person with the same delectable taste experience. Gone are the days when you purposely buy cheap weed online to save a buck as knowing how to corner a bowl will allow you to get the good stuff from the best online dispensary in Canada.

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