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Daily CBD 2500mg
Daily CBD 2500mg

Whether you are looking to add CBD to your regime or are currently a user and are looking for a more effective way to dose, you will find that CBD questions often dominate FAQs on the sites of online dispensaries in Canada. There is no set recommended way to use CBD but rather it is more of a “whatever works best for you” approach. This is not due to lack of information or research done on the topic, rather it is the fact that CBD can be tailored specifically for each and every case.

Ask at any local cannabis shop, with any mail order marijuana depot or any online marijuana dispensary and they will tell you there is no recommended time of the day to take CBD. Some users prefer to take it first thing in the morning along with their usual dose of supplements or medications while others prefer to do so in the evening or right before bed. Depending upon how you react to CBD will help determine when is the best time for you—if it makes you feel energized and alert, then first thing in the morning or when you are starting to feel worn down in the afternoon would be a good, but if CBD makes you feel relaxed and sleepy, then perhaps in the evening or right before bed is a better idea.

One of the other most asked questions regarding CBD with any online dispensary in Canada is whether or not CBD should be taken with food. Food helps with the absorption of CBD as it binds to lipids which means food intake may help you feel the effects more quickly. As there is no set schedule as to how often you should take CBD and if you are one who takes it daily and often to perpetuate a regular CBD level, you may want to re-visit the practice of eating and dosing as that could present a whole new set of problems in terms of the quantity of food you are intaking. How often you dose is also dependent upon what condition you are looking to address, the amount, quality and method of ingesting as well as body weight and fat.

The standard practice of measuring CBD is in milligrams with 2.5mg being the lowest standard dose. The best online dispensary in Canada recommends users begin with this smaller dose until users can ascertain what works for them. Delivery method is also a consideration when taking CBD as different ways of consumption are quicker than others—are you using a capsule or treating yourself by buying edibles online. Another consideration is the type of product being used as well as the quality of the product—a top quality full spectrum CBD oil will work differently when compared to a lesser or lower quality CBD oil of the same formulation.

As you can see using CBD is very much an experience which can be adjusted and modified to suit individual needs. Users cannot compare their experience with that of another individual but should only use it as a reference. As always, inquire with your local cannabis shop, your mail order marijuana distributor or your favourite online dispensary in Canada if you have any questions.

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