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Tolerance Breaks For Cannabis

If you are an avid cannabis user and feel as if you are not getting the full benefits from marijuana as you once did, then perhaps it is time for a tolerance break. Ask at any reputable cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary and they will tell you that if you were to smoke cannabis on a daily basis for a long stretch of time, your physiology adapts, and the THC that once gave you a high is nothing more than an everyday “normal” occurrence. There is nothing like a tolerance break to reset things and start you off fresh.

Anyone in the know at a reputable cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary will be the first to tell you that a tolerance break can be the greatest thing, however, it is not easy. It can be trying at times and you need to commit fully. If you are seeking to abstain, you will generally begin to notice some changes within a few days. If you make it to two weeks away from cannabis, your mind and body will have acclimatized and you would have made it over the hump. Holding out for a month would give the opportunity for the THC to dissipate from your system and you can start anew. Our friends at the local cannabis store and the best online dispensary in Canada recommend staying active during this time as well as focusing on good nutrition as it will give you a clear break and help focus on your ultimate goal.

Again, if you ask at a reputable cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary they will also tell you that abstinence is not the only way to take a tolerance break as sometimes simply changing a regular routine is enough to influence the effectiveness of cannabis and the way it interacts with the mind and body. For example, skipping consumption in the morning and waiting until later in the day may be enough to effect a stronger reaction.

Besides wanting to reset your THC meter there are many reasons why one would want to take a tolerance break. When we polled the local cannabis store, mail order marijuana depot and various online marijuana dispensaries the reasons consumers gave often were court orders and other legal issues, mandated drug tests at work or users were simply intending on travelling to non-cannabis friendly locations and needed to prepare in advance for their trip.

At the end of your tolerance break it is important to be mindful of the quality of cannabis being consumed as you will not need to use the amount you did before to feel any effects. Our friends at the best online dispensary in Canada said it best when they stated that a tolerance break will provide a new outlook to cannabis consumption. It will help shift our perspective and serve as a reminder that cannabis exists to help enrich our life, not consume it and such a break, will help us gain perspective as to the power of cannabis.

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  1. Itsa like a Kit Kat – everyone needs a break

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