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The Need for Faster Acting Edibles

Marijuana edibles are fast becoming the product of choice for many cannabis consumers given their inconspicuousness and ease of consumption. In the past, “funny” brownies were the most popular marijuana infused food, however, with the reality that cannabis can be infused with almost any food product, the realm of edibles is really only limited by one’s imagination. The need to make your own goodies is something of the past, as you can now purchase from a cannabis retailer or buy edibles online from an online marijuana dispensary.

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Buy Mota Black 600mg Milk Chocolate Cube

Though the effects of smoking weed is almost immediate, the results from edibles may take from one to three hours to manifest as food is absorbed into the bloodstream through the liver. Unfortunately, new or inexperienced users expect immediately results and often consume more than the intended amount. The best online dispensary in Canada recommends new users start with a dose of 2.5mg to 5mg (the typical dose is 10mg) and monitor yourself closely for discernable effects. When doses are exceeded and the THC is finally absorbed into the bloodstream, this can be overwhelming and cause less than desirable effects.

Postponed reaction is a concern with retail cannabis stores and online marijuana dispensaries, as those who buy edibles online often do not heed to the advice of recommended dosages. This delay in reaction can also cause issues for those who micro-dose and do not time their consumption correctly. Given smoking and vaping may not be viable for many in everyday life, much research has been conducted into accelerated delivery. The most progress was realized with beverages and nanotechnology where the cannabis oil infused with the drinks are reduced in size to less than 100 nanometres in diameter, thereby allowing these droplets to enter into the membranes of the body and get into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive tract and liver. Unfortunately, hardly any of these nano-emulsion beverages are very tasty and retail outlets and online marijuana dispensaries report that they have not gained much traction in the market when compared to edibles.

Though some manufacturers of edibles claim to have found techniques for faster delivery, this does not hold true for all producers and products, which unfortunately leave us to our own devices. Many users of edibles are mindful of the delivery time needed for effects and adjust their intake accordingly, while others try to increase their metabolism to aid ingestion and thereby speed up the time needed before effects are notable. Consuming plenty of protein, staying hydrated, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and getting adequate rest helps. The experts at the best online dispensary in Canada recommend consuming caffeine to kick start your metabolism as studies have shown that it will boost metabolism anywhere from 3% to 11%. A simple cup of coffee or tea (green tea and oolong are highly recommended) may be key to speeding up the wait time. Nevertheless, until the time lag between ingestion and reaction can be significantly diminished, an abundance of care and caution is needed and recommended by retail cannabis store and online marijuana dispensaries for those buying edibles online and trying for the first time.


  1. Kimberley

    I’m an occasional cannabis user (middle ages hockey mom), honestly I use it just because it’s lower in calories and less poisonous than liquor. But I’m surprised this article says the average dose is 10mg as it takes me 80mg to feel like I’ve had enough. I think saying 10mg is misleading.

  2. Jared Brinkley

    Government edibles sucks. Its like eating regular candy. The best edibles to buy on the market today are form MOM’s and my top 3 brands are Sticky Icky, Mota and the ones I make from shake

  3. Mckinley

    The best edibles in Canada is from They have the cheapest and fastest acting edibles I have tried. The best are the Sticky Icky edibles

  4. Yes most edibles you need to be faster acting. But I find Sticky Icky edibles work super fast as well as Twisted Extract

    Thanks, Elane Blalock

  5. All the edibles i have bought at have been fast acting. Sticky Icky is my favorite and then Boost. Both great, fast acting edibles

  6. I love Sticky Icky edibles. The fastest acting edibles in Canada for sure

    The best is the new sour grape flavor

  7. Chandra

    Like everyone said, Sticky Icky edibles are some of the fastest acting edibles in Canada. I love the colas and grape. Gets you high within 10 min

  8. Esmeralda

    Yes most edibles are not fast acting. But Sticky Icky are really good and really fast acting. 10/10 for me. Esmeralda

  9. Melanie

    The best and fastest edibles I ever tried are the Sticky Icky brand. My all time favorite.

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