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The Modern Cannabis Consumer

cannabis and kids
cannabis and kidsA recent survey commissioned by a collective of online marijuana dispensaries has provided some interesting insights into the modern-day cannabis consumer in Canada. It examined everything from attitude, to perceptions to the buying habits of consumers and found that we are more technology adept, interesting and educated than previously thought.

As a whole, over 40 percent, Canadians have come to prefer to buy marijuana online rather than visit a brick and mortar store. Pandemic aside, the ease, convenience, quality and variety of products available as well as the discretionary nature of the sale and its delivery, have made Canadians favour this type of transaction over all others. Not only can you purchase any and everything in conjunction to buying weed online, you can also find tips and tricks to help you save time and hassle, making your foray into the cannabis lifestyle not only quick and easy, but also seamless. Gone are the days where you would learn from what little information you could garner from various users and from the dealer on the street corner, to the ease of access to all sorts of data, research studies and general information from the internet. Not only is your fellow consumer more educated, budtenders today, regardless if you come across them in a retail environment or online marijuana dispensary, are infinitely more knowledgeable than the dealer on the street corner.

This undoubtably ties in with the fact that Canadians are busier than ever, and visiting an online marijuana dispensary to purchase paraphernalia, edibles, topicals as well as to buy weed online leaves more time to complete household chores or to partake in activities outside of the home—both of which respondents to this survey indicated they enjoy more after using cannabis. This survey also found that the majority of Canadians, over 70 percent, believe that the old stereotype of the hipper stoner no longer apply to modern-day users as their desired effects from cannabis is not for total escape, but rather for stress relief, mood enhancement and for a creativity lift.

Education, product availability, product variety as well as ease of access have gone a long way to creating the modern-day cannabis consumer. With education comes the ability to make good choices regarding one’s lifestyle and though the stigma of cannabis use is not as negative as it was in times past, many users are still concerned with social appearances. Product variety and the ability to purchase somewhat anonymously and to receive these purchases discreetly, have all made this lifestyle possible. Cannabis is no longer a means for escape but rather a tool for distraction, therapy and enrichment. Government legislation and regulation have gone a long way to ensure that cannabis and cannabis-based products that are purchased legally are safe to use and retail stores, mail order marijuana depots and online marijuana dispensaries are expected to uphold these directives or face persecution. Not only is the modern cannabis consumer protected by law, the law also works to ensure that they have the right to partake if they choose to do so.


  1. Yes the cannabis consumer today has changed a lot. No longer are we in the shadows.
    BTW Buywee2go has the best bud

  2. Yes I agree, the modern cannabis user is out in the open these days. Not in some dingy back alley.

    Long life bud in Canada and I love b

  3. Stoners rejoice. We are no longer in the shadows. Buy weed online in Canada is real and here to stay

  4. Way cool! Some very valid points on how pot smokers are the norm in society! I appreciate you penning this post and also the rest of the website is very good. Plus you weed is amazing

  5. I really like and appreciate your blog article. Really Great. No one should be afraid they admit to smoking pot these days

  6. Erin Mcknight

    Yes the pot smoker has come a long way in just 5 years

  7. Quinton

    What constitutes as modern? I think smoke or not smoke. Who cares what people classify you as

  8. Anyone who is a hardcore knows that pot smoking is more then hippsters. Its the OG weed smokers that we need to pay respects to

  9. Yes pot smokers have come a long way. CEO even presidents even admitted to smoking the mowie wowie in the past

  10. I am a older women so talking about weed openly is hard. To me its still taboo and not out in the open like it is for most of the young people

  11. Raphael

    Keep up the great work on cannabis. People need to know that bud is not criminal

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