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Beginner Series: How Many Grams are in an Eighth?

Cannabis Weights

So you have done your research, know the difference between Indica, sativa and hybrid, know to look for a pungent and pleasant aroma and you have your three-tier grinder as well as your classic wood-pulp rolling papers or pipe all ready to go. Then comes the simple question that stumps you—how much marijuana would you […]

The Need for Faster Acting Edibles

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Marijuana edibles are fast becoming the product of choice for many cannabis consumers given their inconspicuousness and ease of consumption. In the past, “funny” brownies were the most popular marijuana infused food, however, with the reality that cannabis can be infused with almost any food product, the realm of edibles is really only limited by […]

How to Rehydrate Weed

Dry weed

Rehydrating Cannabis Dry weed—the bane of any marijuana smoker. It crumbles to a powder when you try to roll a joint and tastes like yesterday’s socks. Maybe you left it out by mistake, you live in a dryer climate, you decided to buy cheap weed online, or maybe you just found some of the good […]

Tolerance Breaks For Cannabis

Marijuana in Canada

If you are an avid cannabis user and feel as if you are not getting the full benefits from marijuana as you once did, then perhaps it is time for a tolerance break. Ask at any reputable cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary and they will tell you that if you were to smoke cannabis […]

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

Currently in Canada the federal government sets all policy related to the production of cannabis and cannabis products including what formulations can be sold, what packaging can be used, sizing, potency and how they can be advertised. This applies to retail fronts, mail order marijuana and online dispensaries in Canada. Like alcohol and tobacco, provinces […]

What is Shatter?


When looking at the various offerings of your local retail cannabis store or surfing the pages of your favourite online marijuana dispensary you have no doubt some across a category of products called shatter. You will notice straight away the majority of the products in this category are brittle and glasslike and snaps easily when […]

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed You have done your research, ordered weed online from the online marijuana dispensary and are now wondering what is the best way to your stash. Marijuana has no steadfast expiry date, however, how you store you buds will go a long way in determining how long you will have full enjoyment […]

Benefits of Cannabis

Benefits of Cannabis

Whether you buy edibles, shatter or weed online or from your local distributor you no doubt come across the diverse benefits of cannabis. THC has pain relieving properties and is beneficial for many chronic illnesses, improving the quality of life for those suffering unnecessarily. Cannabis has been used as a drug to treat ailments for […]