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Beginner Series: The Argument for Legal Marijuana

legalize marijuana

With the recent legalization of cannabis in Canada, more and more retail cannabis stores and online marijuana dispensaries are being established to support this growing industry. Oftentimes, communities are at odds with such operations as they believe cannabis to be a harmful narcotic which will only bring crime to their neighbourhoods and misfortune to those […]

Cannabis as the New Sports Medicine?

marijuana in sports

Though we may be in the middle of a pandemic and team physical activity has slowed down considerable around the world, this does not mean that the aches and pains from sports injuries and other physical activities have stopped. Despite the slowdown, we would still like our injuries to recover quickly and effectively and with […]

What to do with Cannabis Stems – Part 1

cannabis stems

Cannabis stems have long been associated with poor quality bud and are usually more than abundant when you buy cheap weed online. I recently asked my friends from the various brick and mortar stores, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada if they had any suggestions as to what I should do with […]

Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Generally, the effects of cannabis on people are relatively predictable yet physiological and gender ultimately plays an important part in what those differences are. Retail cannabis stores often make an effort to communicate this to their customers at point of sale as do the best online dispensaries in Canada upon checkout, however, it is always […]

Bongs Part 1: Acrylic and Ceramic


Bong—a filtration device used for smoking cannabis that consists of an air and water tight device with a bowl and stem apparatus to guide air downward to below water level which in turn allows for bubbling during use. Made from a variety of materials— acrylic, ceramic, glass and silicone, they come in a variety of […]

How to Improve the Burn Rate of Your Joint


When sparking up with your favourite bud, a long burning joint is what we all strive for. Burn rate is crucial and can make or break an experience. We asked some of the experts from the local cannabis shops and online marijuana dispensaries on how to achieve this and here is what they said. For […]

How To Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis

How To Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis

In many ways a communal smoke session is a rite of passage and many believe you are not fully indoctrinated into cannabis culture until you have partaken in one. Be it with a group of strangers at an event or with your closest friends, such an affair is one that evokes plenty laugher and deep […]

A Beginners Guide to Buying Cannabis

A Beginners Guide to Buying Cannabis

As with everything in life, quality dictates experience and the level of pleasure. Cannabis is no different and the best experience will often come from the best marijuana buds. When a crop is good the high is enjoyable, the flavour is great and the aroma is pleasant. Whether you are buy your bud online or […]