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Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

Is marijuana a gateway drug?

“Gateway drug, a habit-forming drug that, while not itself addictive, may lead to the use of other addictive drugs.” As you may have guessed by now, I have many contacts in the cannabis industry and from time to time we all get together and discuss some of the issues relevant in the industry today. “Marijuana […]

Using CBD

Benefits of CBD

Whether you are looking to add CBD to your regime or are currently a user and are looking for a more effective way to dose, you will find that CBD questions often dominate FAQs on the sites of online dispensaries in Canada. There is no set recommended way to use CBD but rather it is […]

Big Hits versus Small Hits When Smoking Cannabis

Big hit versus small hits

We all know them—the cannabis smoker who take the gigantic hit from a bong or blunt with the hope it will get them higher than the International Space Station currently orbiting planet Earth. The belief is that more smoke, will mean more THC, which will mean more high—but is that really true? After speaking to […]

The Effects of Contact Exposure

contact exposure cannabis

One of the more common questions often asked at local cannabis shops and in the FAQ sections of online marijuana dispensaries is the age old question, “Can I get a contact high from cannabis?” This is a serious question for many as non-users are not only concerned with accidently getting high but are often concerned […]

The Problem of Legal Edibles

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada in late 2018, many edible users in the cannabis community saw this as a positive step in the right direction as legislation would provide control measures across the board in terms of pricing, dosing and quality of product. It was not until a year later in October 2019 […]

What to do with Cannabis Stems – Part 2

cannabis tea

Cannabis stems has long been regarded as the left over reject parts of what was your stash of bud. As good money was paid for your weed, we all feel remorseful at simply trashing it. I recently asked my friends from the various brick and mortar stores, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in […]

What to do with Cannabis Stems – Part 1

cannabis stems

Cannabis stems have long been associated with poor quality bud and are usually more than abundant when you buy cheap weed online. I recently asked my friends from the various brick and mortar stores, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada if they had any suggestions as to what I should do with […]

How to Improve the Burn Rate of Your Joint


When sparking up with your favourite bud, a long burning joint is what we all strive for. Burn rate is crucial and can make or break an experience. We asked some of the experts from the local cannabis shops and online marijuana dispensaries on how to achieve this and here is what they said. For […]

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed You have done your research, ordered weed online from the online marijuana dispensary and are now wondering what is the best way to your stash. Marijuana has no steadfast expiry date, however, how you store you buds will go a long way in determining how long you will have full enjoyment […]

Benefits of Cannabis

Benefits of Cannabis

Whether you buy edibles, shatter or weed online or from your local distributor you no doubt come across the diverse benefits of cannabis. THC has pain relieving properties and is beneficial for many chronic illnesses, improving the quality of life for those suffering unnecessarily. Cannabis has been used as a drug to treat ailments for […]