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Marijuana Allergies

Marijuana Allergies

Though often not talked about, marijuana allergies are real, and though a bit of coughing and eye irritation is common after a few tokes, any lasting physical discomfort could be a sign of an allergic reaction. The best online dispensary in Canada has always been one to warn their patrons of such reactions as cannabis […]

The Need for Faster Acting Edibles

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Marijuana edibles are fast becoming the product of choice for many cannabis consumers given their inconspicuousness and ease of consumption. In the past, “funny” brownies were the most popular marijuana infused food, however, with the reality that cannabis can be infused with almost any food product, the realm of edibles is really only limited by […]

Common Mistakes Make When Cooking with Cannabis

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Edibles. Always yummy to eat but often challenging to make. If are not one to buy edibles online and have tried to hone your craft at home (while using grandma’s brownie recipe), you may have realized that making edibles is often not as easy as one may think. For your benefit, we have gathered some […]

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

Currently in Canada the federal government sets all policy related to the production of cannabis and cannabis products including what formulations can be sold, what packaging can be used, sizing, potency and how they can be advertised. This applies to retail fronts, mail order marijuana and online dispensaries in Canada. Like alcohol and tobacco, provinces […]

What are Edibles?

Though smoking is still the most popular way of consuming cannabis, edibles are quickly being a popular way to intake weed. Traditionally “funny” brownies are among one of the most popular marijuana infused foods, however, any food product can be infused with cannabis. The need to make your own goodies is something of the past, […]