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Hiding Cannabis from Children

cannabis and kids

Since the dawn of time children have been getting themselves into things they should not be and causing all sorts of trouble along the way. Finding their parent’s stash of cannabis and helping themselves to it is nothing new and more than a few times children have been admitted to a hospital emergency room for […]

Beginner Series: Why People Use Cannabis

Smoking Cannabis

Users of marijuana have long been portrayed in popular culture as a group of strung-out hippies with a major case of the “munchies”. Research has shown that the ability to buy weed in Canada legally has done much to help alter the perception and mindset of non-cannabis users to help realize the choice to use […]

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

The Problems with Government Weed in Canada

Currently in Canada the federal government sets all policy related to the production of cannabis and cannabis products including what formulations can be sold, what packaging can be used, sizing, potency and how they can be advertised. This applies to retail fronts, mail order marijuana and online dispensaries in Canada. Like alcohol and tobacco, provinces […]