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How to Rehydrate Weed

Rehydrating Cannabis Dry weed—the bane of any marijuana smoker. It crumbles to a powder when you try to roll a joint and tastes like yesterday’s socks. Maybe you left it out by mistake, you live in a dryer climate, you decided to buy cheap weed online, or maybe you just found some of the good […]

Tolerance Breaks For Cannabis

If you are an avid cannabis user and feel as if you are not getting the full benefits from marijuana as you once did, then perhaps it is time for a tolerance break. Ask at any reputable cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary and they will tell you that if you were to smoke cannabis […]

How To Avoid Germs When Consuming Cannabis

In many ways a communal smoke session is a rite of passage and many believe you are not fully indoctrinated into cannabis culture until you have partaken in one. Be it with a group of strangers at an event or with your closest friends, such an affair is one that evokes plenty laugher and deep […]

What is Shatter?

When looking at the various offerings of your local retail cannabis store or surfing the pages of your favourite online marijuana dispensary you have no doubt some across a category of products called shatter. You will notice straight away the majority of the products in this category are brittle and glasslike and snaps easily when […]

Review of Death Bubba Cannabis Strain

Death Bubba Review Whether you use a mail order marijuana service, purchase your weed in person from a local retailer, or buy your buds from the best online dispensary in Canada, you have no doubt wondered what the most popular strain in Canada is. AAAA graded top shelf Death Bubba, whose parents are the Death […]

A Beginners Guide to Buying Cannabis

As with everything in life, quality dictates experience and the level of pleasure. Cannabis is no different and the best experience will often come from the best marijuana buds. When a crop is good the high is enjoyable, the flavour is great and the aroma is pleasant. Whether you are buy your bud online or […]

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