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Smoking with Friends

smoking cannabis with friends
smoking cannabis with friends

There is nothing better than getting together with good friends and enjoying some choice weed whether you bought it from your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary. Similar to getting together to have drinks, smoking together is also a great bonding activity and a way to share a common experience and let off some steam. But before taking part in a communal smoking circle, there are a few things to keep in mind to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

If you are serving goodies, whether you buy edibles online or make them from scratch, always be sure to fully disclose its contents—it is never cool to pass off cannabis edibles as regular snacks. It is never fun to watch someone unintentionally over-indulge and subsequently go on a bender and suffer from the consequences. Speaking of goodies, no doubt there will be food involved and a delivery person may be summoned—never ask your food delivery person to stay. Not only are they on the job, it gets super weird when you ask a stranger, no matter how cool they may be, to join you and your friends.

So the munchies are out, everyone has arrived and the party has started. When the pipe finally gets to you, be considerate and try to corner the bowl. Light from the edge and not the middle to ensure those who follow get a fresh patch of green as well. If done properly, cornering in a circle ensures that the last person is not left with scraps and should provide the first and the last person with the same delectable taste experience. The same is true if you are sharing joints or a bong—be considerate and think of others following you and do not hold for longer than it takes to take two or three hits.

A group session is also a great time to try a new strain of weed or a new method of consumption. Though seasoned marijuana users do not usually struggle with bad highs, your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary always recommend that you go easy on your first try and having some people with you while trying something new is always good as it can help ease any feelings of anxiety or stress when embarking on the “unknown”. Besides being able to provide you with some pointers if you are having some difficulties with your new device, you also have someone to pass your new device or stash onto if it is something you do not thoroughly enjoy.

People are social creatures and any type of social connection affects us deeply. Try to keep this in mind and take advantage of the fact that you are together with a group of friends enjoying the moment. Choose a strain that helps fulfil this purpose and that does not put everyone to sleep–ask for recommendations at your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana store or online marijuana dispensary if in doubt. Be sure to stock up on the essentials and enjoy yourself


  1. Grayson

    There is nothing better then smoke a big fatty with your bros.

  2. Smoking with friends is a must. Pass, pass puff

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