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Smoking Cannabis Outside in the Winter

smoking cannabis in winter
smoking cannabis in winter

This is Canada and yes, it gets quite chilly outside in the winter months. Whether it be out of consideration for others or a clause in your rental lease agreement, for many of us the great outdoors is the only place to light up. Despite the rewards, shivering outside for 10 minutes to finish a joint is not exactly appealing. To help else your cold weather exposure my friends from the local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depot and others I buy weed online from have provided some helpful tips to make the most (or least) of your cold weather exposure.

An associate from the best online dispensary in Canada said it best—winter is bong and dab season. Unlike a joint or a pipe, a bong is the ideal cold weather tool and great for high speed smoking. It can hold a decent amount of flower and can burn through it all at once for maximum effect. Once the pre-smoke preparation is done, step outside to light up, quickly enjoy and then duck back inside when done. Just remember to bring your piece back in with you when you are done as the water inside the bong will expand as it turns to ice. Peruse the paraphernalia section of your local cannabis shop or the pages of any online marijuana dispensary to find a bong to suit your needs.

If you are a bit more experienced, than perhaps dabbing is more your style. A great deal of heat is generated when dabbing which is sure to keep you nice and toasty. If you are in a corner protected from the howling winter winds and your nail is glowing red hot, your dabs are sure to provide a nice heat (and weed) infusion. Again, dabbing is something for the experienced so seek advice from the experts at the local shops or online marijuana dispensaries first.

As someone I buy weed online from stated, having to smoke your cannabis outdoors in Canada during the winter months is actually quite fun—especially if you construct a “snow fort”. Imagine settling down to enjoy a joint or two in the privacy of your own snow structure. Whether it be a simple construction of a few walls to keep out the wind and prying eyes or a full out and kitted igloo built as an ohmage to the Inuit of the north, having an outdoor space to go and smoke in the winter months is not all bad.

There is a sense of tranquility with lighting up outside during the snowy winter months—there are less people milling about and in most parts of Canada, everything is covered with a layer of white crisp snow giving everything a nice fresh feel. The smoke you produce looks like your breath on a cold winter’s day and since the dank smell of cannabis dissipates faster in cooler weather than in warm, no one will be the wiser.


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  1. Worst thing about smoking weed in Canada is going outside to spark a J. #canadaproblems

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