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Shake Contest Winners – See What You Can Do With Shake had our shake contest in the month of March/April 2020. Shake basically consists of small pieces of cannabis flower that break off of larger buds, generally as the result of regular handling. Our shake is direct from the growers after they trim their crop or the left overs form the bottom of the bag.

Just because they are leftovers doesn’t mean it is bad or inferior it you know what to do with the shake. Shake can be delicious and knowing what to do with shake can give you an amazing experience. You can bake it, smoke it, vaporize it or turn it into some amazing edibles with the cannabis oil extraction.

We put a call out to see what the best uses for our shake and the results were amazing. See some of the ingenious and inventive ways our shake has been used.

Here are our winners of the shake contest

1st Place $250 – R.S from Alberta

This was by far one of the best and inventive ways to use our shake. R.S sent us his pictures of his amazing process from taking our shake into making edibles that are fit for a king.

See how R.S was able to take the shake melt it down into oil and then infused the oil into edibles gummies and edible fish

$150 2nd place – R.R from BC

R.R from BC was able to make a smorgasbord of different treats with her shake that they bought form us. They make a St Patrick’s day themed edibles assortment. Because of the lockdown their St Patrick’s Day was still a success with these edibles.

They made cannabis infused shamrock edibles in multiple colors and also some baked goods.

3rd place $100 – J.L from New Brunswick

We don’t all have to be master bakers to use our shake. J.L from New Brunswick uses out shake and simply vaporizes it for that perfect smoke. From the picture below they have taken our shake and nice posted it with our logo.

4th place $50 – A.B from Quebec

Not every one sent us in pictures. A.B from Quebec sent us a lovely recipe they used for Cannabis hard candy. They were able to take out shake and produce a hard candy infused with cannabis that anyone would love from their grandma. (see recipe below)

 1-2 tablespoons of prepared tincture.
3/4 cup sugar.
1/2 cup light corn syrup.
1 Box (3 oz) Jello of any flavor you like.
Candy thermometer.
Small heavy sauce pan
20 lollipop sticks or candy molds.
If you do not have mold, its ok there is a work around. Simply create a layer of icing sugar by spreading it on a pan. Create dents in the icing sugar the size that you would want to make the candy into, and you have your candy mold.
The process for creating hard candy is very time sensitive at the end, so you should have everything prepared before you start
If you are making lollipops or using a candy mold, grease them before you start. You don’t want your candy sticking to the surfaces. If you are using the icing sugar mold, you don’t have to worry about this.
In the pan, while on low heat, mix together sugar and corn syrup. Stir until the sugar is fully dissolved.
Slowly bring the mixture to a boil. Mind the mixture at all times, it is very hot and can burn you. You should stir as in frequently as possible.
You can now use the candy thermometer. Place it in the pot and let the mixture boil till it reaches 300 degrees. All the while stirring frequently.
Remember, the final part of this recipe needs you to act swiftly.
When it reaches 300 degrees you can remove the thermometer then pour in the Jello and cannabis tincture then stir rapidly till the whole mixture is smooth.
Remove the pan from the heat and use a metal spoon to collect the mixture from the sauce pan and pour it into the molds. Once again, be swift with pouring the mixture into the molds because it sets very  quickly as it cools. Please be careful, the mixture is very hot.
Do not cool the candy in the fridge.
Once the hard candy or lollipops have cooled, you can lightly coat them in icing sugar, this will prevent them from sticking to each other.


5th place $50 – P.F from Quebec

P.F not only made cannabis infused cookies but also sent it to our team and they were delicious. Perhaps them sending us taste testers got them the vote and prize. The staff are still raving about these edibles. would like to thank all the winners and the people who submitted their shake submissions. If you want to buy shake and test see what you can do simply click and buy.


  1. Wow so many people doing amazing things with shake

  2. Great contest – Next time I want to win

  3. I just smoke the shake. Just as good an any weed out there but 3/4 the price

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