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Saliva Drug Testing For THC—Some Things to Ponder…

Saliva Drug Testing For THC
Saliva Drug Testing For THC

“Can my workplace test me for cannabis use?” This is a question often asked at many cannabis shops and with online marijuana dispensaries throughout Canada. In short, the answer is “no”, as for the most part drug testing violates the Human Rights Code and infringes on the worker’s right to privacy. However, employers are still required to keep workers and their workplaces safe from hazards which includes those caused by impairment. Given this, employers are permitted to test their employees though these instances are very rare and justified such as in extremely dangerous workplaces, when there is reasonable suspicion the employee is impaired, if the employee is participating in a rehabilitation or return-to-work program and if there is evidence of reasonable cause.

According to the best online dispensary in Canada, new and quicker methods for testing for cannabis is now available and their clientele has reported that mouth swabs or saliva testing has become the norm as it is quicker, cheaper and easier to ensure that a sample is actually from the intended subject. Typically, a cotton swab is rubbed against the inside of a test subject’s cheek to collect biological material. These swabs are then sent to a lab for processing and will be checked for traces of chemicals that certain drugs leave behind. A questionnaire conducted by the best online dispensary in Canada found that many employers would conduct a follow-up test if a positive result occurred but would sometimes use more specific methods the second time.

A mouth swab or saliva test generally looks for traces of THC in the mouth and if enough time has passed since you last smoked cannabis, ate plenty of high fat food (THC binds to fat and any residue that is lingering in your mouth has a good chance of going down into your stomach along with the fatty food that you just ate) and practiced good oral hygiene in the meantime, you may be able to pass a test. The standard urine test is meant to seek out metabolites the body produces when THC is broken down, meaning riding the body of both the THC compounds and the metabolites will take some time.

The associates that we spoke to at cannabis shops and online marijuana dispensaries stated that they are often asked by clients for tips and tricks to help skew or beat the mouth swab cannabis test and obviously, this is not a question they are comfortable answering. The best online dispensary in Canada however, provides a guideline as to what their associates are permitted to communicate to their clients regarding mouth swab tests which provides informative for clients to make their own decisions.

Though these new mouth swab or saliva tests are somewhat new to the testing scene, research has shown that they are easier to pass than the standard urine test. For those willing to risk it, it is possible to skew results in your favor quite soon after smoking up. Given that a demand for a retest on the grounds that this method may not be 100% reliable may lead to a urine test, it is up to you whether you wish to open that can of worms.


  1. LOL what wont they think of next to catch us. This is not communist China

  2. We need this test to get all the pot heads from driving. I hate being being a guy driving 50km on the highway

  3. Wow the man really wants to catch pot users

  4. People should test for THC to get the crazies off the road

  5. Wonder how much saliva you need to test

  6. I think it is something we all need to do. Testing will make things more legitimate

  7. They shouldn’t test in the NBFL, NHL or other major sports. Of they smoke let them smoke.

  8. I hope there is proper testing. We dont need to have stoned people driving 30km an hour

  9. I hope they dont test during the Olympics. We dont need another Ross Rebagliati

  10. Wonder if they will test during the Olympics

  11. With Tokyo Olympics coming up I wonder how many people will get caught with THC in their body

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