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Review of Death Bubba Cannabis Strain

Death Bubba Review

Whether you use a mail order marijuana service, purchase your weed in person from a local retailer, or buy your buds from the best online dispensary in Canada, you have no doubt wondered what the most popular strain in Canada is. AAAA graded top shelf Death Bubba, whose parents are the Death Star, the Ohio USA native from whom Death Bubba gets its euphoric properties and Bubba Kush, the popular laid back Californian-based bud known for its powerful nod towards relaxation, Death Bubba is among the most popular strains for those who buy weed in Canada.

Death Bubba Cannabis
Death Bubba Cannabis

Indica dominated with 70% indica and 30% sativa, Death Bubba is reminiscent of the old classics from the 1960s, and with a THC level at about 22% to 27%, will even impress the most THC tolerant among us.

With its 2012 origins from Sea to Sky Alternative Healing Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Death Bubba is a Canadian favorite among those who buy weed online in Vancouver to those who buy weed online in Toronto.

A true Death Bubba grown properly should yield medium sized, aesthetically pleasing looking cauliflower shaped buds. Light to dark green in colour with purple and orange or darker hairs, Death Bubba buds tend to have a very sticky glue-like feel, making it very important the final product is handled properly by your online marijuana dispensary or mail order marijuana service.

Stinky and skunky and with an earthy sweet and pleasing smoke, Death Bubba is clean on the palate, semi-sedative and will help alleviate aliments such as stress, pain, insomnia, depression and fatigue making it popular with everyone from those who like to buy cheap weed online to those who only buy from the best online dispensaries in Canada.

Death Bubba is not for the faint hearted nor is it recommended for the novice user or those who sacrifice quality in order to buy cheap weed online. The ability of Death Bubba to numb the body and dull the most suborn and uncomfortable of sensations to the point of being in a waking coma, is best suited for experienced or advanced users and those seeking serious physical relief or mood stimulation and use an online marijuana dispensary to ease their discomfort.

With pine and musk overtones and a zesty lemon and spiced rum top and coffee aftertaste, Death Bubba is a pleasing way to end the day as its psychoactive properties, followed by a quick burst of energy, allows for a short period of focus and motivation, providing just enough time to find a comfortable spot to drift away—not enough time to search out munchies or to buy edibles online before a quality sound sleep sets in, which will uplift any spirit and ease the mind and body.

The potential to put people into bliss makes Death Bubba a favorite among serious recreational users (Willie Nelson and Jay-Z are rumored to be fans) and legitimate medical users who use an online dispensary in Canada for this truly Canadian product.



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