Best edibles in Canada
Sticky Icky Sour Grape Bombs 150mg THC
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Sticky Icky Sour Grape Bombs 150mg THC



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Sticky Icky Sour Grape Bombs 150 mg 

Best Edibles in Canada

If you love grape and you lover cannabis edibles then you have to try Sticky Icky Sour Grape Bombs. Once you take a bite of these edibles you will ask yourself, “Where have these been all my life?”

These grape edibles by Sticky Icky are so full grape flavor that if you don’t like grape you will not like these. But if you do love grape then we think this will be the best grape edibles you will ever try in your life. Each Grape Sour Bomb is bursting with grape flavor that is sour and tart at first but then turns sweet as the grape flavor rushing through your taste buds. Not only are these grape gummies so flavorful with grape flavor but each Grape Sour Bomb is hand crafted with some of the purest cannabis oil you will ever have.

Sticky Icky makes every edible batch with CO2 extracted cannabis oil that once extracted, a superior pure full spectrum cannabis oil is produced that makes a difference with every edible you bite into. Sticky Icky edibles are purer and cleaner then every other edible company on the market. With 15mg of THC in every, all Sticky Icky edibles feel like 20 to 25mg because of how clean the cannabis oil is.

Because these Grapes Sours taste to good, you will never taste or know that these are infused with pure cannabis oil. These grape sours are perfect for day time or night time use and are ideal for both recreational and medicinal marijuana users. Because of the high quality of Sticky Icky edibles, these THC infused gummies are perfect for people afflicted with PTSD, stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and inflammation.

If you love edibles you have to try the Sticky Icky Grape Sour bombs. Once you pop one in your mouth you will notice the difference. Just hold on for a wild ride that will leave you in perfect bliss with a huge grape smile on your face.

Instructions: Always store your gummy’s in a cool, dry place.
May Cause: Happiness, relaxation, euphoria, creativity, hunger, and sleepiness
May Relieve: Headache, insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety, muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation and more.
Contents: 150 mg per pack – 10 pieces per bag, 1 gummy contains 15mg of THC
Flavor: Grape
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar, pectin, gelatin, citric acid, pure full spectrum cannabis oil (CO2 extracted, solvent less) natural grape and artificial flavors, carnuba wax, sodium citrate, fatty acids and color

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  1. Joanna

    If you love grape this is a the edibles ot have. The sour grape flaovr really stands out. Super strong edible that left me weak at the knees

  2. Debra

    Might be the best edibles I ever had. I took too and it was lights out. I woke up the next day and was still high. The grape flavor is the best and you can really taste the differnce between crappy edibles and Sticky Icky edibles

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