Mota Sativa Blue Raspberry Jelly 120mg THC



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Sativa Blue Raspberry Jelly by Mota

Cannabis, THC & Marijuana Edibles

Each Sativa Blue Raspberry Jelly made by Mota is hand crafted. Mota is a cannabis infused company based out of Vancouver Island that still hand crafts all their cannabis, THC & marijuana ediblesThe Blue Raspberry Jelly made by Mota, is infused with 120 mg of highly concentrated sativa THC to form one powerful cannabis gummy bar. Since this is a sativa edible, it is recommend for daytime use because it provides an energetic, euphoria high.

For those that want to bring out their creative side this THC edible gummy bar will certainly bring out your creative juices. Many people that have taken this Sativa Blue Raspberry Jelly have experienced the ability to think more creative and critically, while others have been able to function better in social situations with less anxiety.

For medicinal users, this jelly gummy is perfect for those that have chronic pain. Unlike the Indica Sativa Blue Raspberry Jelly by Mota it will not put you to sleep. This cannabis edible will make you more alert BUT it will also help relief chronic pain and aches so you will be able to function and do your daily activities through out the day.

For newbies, we recommend starting with a 20 mg THC dose whereas those with a high tolerance may consume the entire jelly at once.

Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, sativa cannabis concentrate, gelatin, citric acid, natural and artificial flavors, pectin, artificial colors, coconut oil, carnuba wax

Weight: 20 grams

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