Mota Black Cube 600mg THC 🏆2017 Cannabis Cup Winner🏆


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Mota Black Cube 600mg THC

2017 High Time Cannabis Cup Winner – Best Edibles 

Mota has become one of the best edibles makers in Canada and are they keep coming up with high quality cannabis edibles that people cant get enough of. Now they have released the Mota Black Cube 600mg THC chocolate bar that is not for the faint of heart.

This powerful THC edibles has 600mg of THC and made from 100% PURE THC Distillate. each box comes with 9 pieces that are 66.66mg of THC each.

This marijuana edibles have become Mota’s signature when it comes to edibles. In 2017 Mota submitted this edible to the 2017 High Time Cannabis Cup and won Best Edibles!!!.

So if you are looking to buy edibles and have a pretty high tolerance then the Mota Black Cube 600mg THC is the right one for you.

*** This edible is not recommended for novice users. We advise you take the slow and steady route when it comes to these. Edibles are slow acting and may take time to “activate”. Take 1 piece every hour and half while first ingesting the product until proper dose is found. Do not exceed 1 square per hour at first.

Strength: 600mg THC
Dosage: 600mg THC per bar, 9 doses per bar, 66.66mg per square/dose
Helps with: Insomnia, stress, chronic pain, appetite loss, depression, anxiety and nausea

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  1. Aisha

    Magnificent goods from you, man. Now I see why this won a Cannabis Cup award.
    I love everything you have form flower to shatter. This is my favorite website.

  2. Valentine

    No wonder why this one the Cannabis Cup. One of the best and most powerful edibles you will ever try. Be careful this knocked me on my ass for over 5 hours. But then again I ate 1/2 the bar

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