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Libre Shatter – OG Limekiller (Hybrid)
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Libre Shatter – OG Limekiller (Hybrid)



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Libre Shatter – OG Limekiller (Hybrid)

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In Canada over the last couple of years, Libre concentrates have quickly become one of the most trusty and popular cannabis concentrate companies making shatter in Canada. OG Lime Killer, also known as “OG Limekiller” and “Lime Killer OG,” is a hybrid cannabis strain created by combing Starkiller OG, Lemon and OG Haze cannabis strains.

This shatter is perfect for any sativa lover who wants a super medicinal high but also wants the Indica psychedelic effects. With this shatter you will get hte best of both worlds in sativa and Indica. Once you take a couple of tokes of this shatter you will feel a light touch of energy begin to grow in the back of your mind at the onset of the high, filling you with a sense of creativity and wonder. This shatter provides a light relaxing body high that will leave pain-free and completely in bliss from head to toe.

OG Lime Killer is said to be perfect for treating those suffering from conditions such as chronic pain, cramps or muscle spasms, spasticity, chronic fatigue and headaches or migraines. With Libre shatter you will get all that you are looking for plus more.

So if you are looking to buy shatter in Canada take a look at all the premium shatters that Libre produces.

Weight: 40 g
Dimensions: 26 × 18 × 6 cm
Weight:  1 Gram
Strain: OG Limekiller (hybrid)


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Weight1 g


  1. Neils

    Wonderful shatter. I can’t believer how smooth it tastes. Not gassy or chemically at all. My new go to shatter

  2. Larry

    Excellent strain for shatter. The flower is strong but the shatter is 10x on the potency level. Great pain relief and all I had were happy feelings after trying this shatter

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