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Libre Shatter – Larry Bird (Hybrid)
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Libre Shatter – Larry Bird (Hybrid)



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Libre Shatter – Larry Bird (Hybrid)

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If you are looking to buy shatter online in Canada and looking for the perfect hybrid shatter to buy then look no further then Libre. Libre has taken one of the most popular hybrid strains and created the perfect shatter for Canadians.

If you need to buy one hybrid shatter you have to try Larry Bird by Libre which is one of the best hybrid shatters you will ever experience. Larry Bird Kush is a hybrid strain that was named after the famous Boston Celtics basketball coach, Larry Bird and is across between  Blue Cheese, Hindu Kush and 213 Haze cannabis strains. The Larry Bird Kush shatter by Libre creates a very intense cerebral experience that is felt almost instantly like a shot to the head. Most people feel an overwhelming sense of euphoria and creative energy that will leave you energized and inspired. You will motivated and more active as well as social and upbeat the very minute it hits you.

Because of its sativa potency this shatter is ideal for treating patients suffering from conditions such as mild to severe depression, chronic stress, and fatigue.

Weight: 40 g
Dimensions: 26 × 18 × 6 cm
Weight:  1 Gram
Strain: Larry Bird (hybrid)


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Weight1 g


  1. Din

    10 out of 10 for this shatter. I have been dabbing for about 2 years and find Libre shatter to be the cleanest I have some across.

  2. Micky

    Amazing shatter. Libre is my new favorite shatter company

  3. Frank

    Pretty great shatter. Never heard of this till I bought it from It is surprisingly smooth with a huge kick once you take a dab. I love the strain and love the shatter even more

  4. Eva

    Probably one of the BEST strains in circulation right now. Now that this strain has turned into a shatter it blow me away even more. The effects include a hella intense cerebral high and well as an extra cushioned body high. Definitely recommend for those who have built up a bit of a tolerance. Not recommend for people that are not used to shatter

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