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King Louis XIII Cannabis Strain by Buddha Boys

The Quad Squad or the Buddha Boys Collective has just released their top of the line Indica strain King Louis XIII. This is one of the most potent medically grade Indica’s on the market and like the name is true royalty. This King Louis XIII Indica strain is made by the Buddha Boys and is their top premium AAAA grade marijuana they put out.

The Buddha Boys took this King Louis XIII strain and cured it for over 3 weeks to produce their high standard of AAAA marijuana. With a strong earthy scent with pine and woody notes King Louis XIII has huge buds and with a strong THC that will knock you out. This Indica has 25% THC and .044% CBD so it’s a really big heavy hitter that will be sure to take you on a big wild ride.

This is the ultimate strain for people with medical conditions. This is perfect for people that have sleep disorders and will produces body relaxation, help uplift mood and helps calm and refreshes the mind.

The King Louis XIII effects are sedative and physical as this Indica cannabis will help relief stress and anxiety, pain relief, stimulates appetite, and will help anyone with insomnia. You will experience a heavy feeling throughout your body and head and have that total euphoric feeling as it puts you a very relaxed and peaceful state. King Louis XIII marijuana strain is good for evening and nighttime use .

For those that need a strong Indica marijuana for their medical issues this is the one strain for you. As soon as you see and smell King Louis XIII Cannabis by Buddha Boys you know how much care and attention that was given to this cannabis strain. This is a true AAAA and once you see and taste it you will know why.


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  1. Lcaplan.apptudes (verified owner)

    Stunning purple and green nugs great you when you open your bag of Louis along with a rich delightful aroma that’s earthy with sweet undertones and a hint of spice – Holy bag appeal! The buds are trimmed to perfection, smothered in crystals burn smoothly and the cure is perfection. Best of all as a sufferer from serious pain and spasm disorders and insomnia that accompanies it it took only a few puffs before the pain seemed to be pulled into the mattress and HRH guided me to peaceful slumber. A truly amazing Indica quad!

  2. Tommy

    Not recommended for the inexperienced weed smokers. King Louis is my absolute fave and by far the most potent strain I have tried. If you have trouble sleeping this will knock you right out and perfect for pain, insomnia and anxiety. Produces super strong, euphoric body high.

  3. John

    F*ckin’ remarkable strain. I have never had a better Indica than this. The buds were huge and chalk for of crystals. One hit and I was gone and i’m a 30 plus year smoker.

  4. Henry Bork (verified owner)

    I gave it a 3 because it wasn’t quite a 4 and definitely not a 5. Although it tasted excellent. It wasn’t harsh at all, smelled real nice in the bag as well as when it burned. I’d say the THC was between 18%-20% only, Too expensive, the smalls were a lot cheaper and reduced. I won’t be buying again. Reason being is that I’m “always looking for burn ya out couch lock kinda weed. I like to get super stoned “always” but I need something really strong to put me to sleep. Thing I’m learning is stick to brand name craft growers and never buy too much at once. And stuff on sale is often dry and underweight or not selling. At buyWeed2Go the packs are always fresh and up to weight…. so far. I find Buddha Boys keeps their fresher buy using cheaper zip-lock outer bags with plain snack zip locks sealing in the perfectly cured moisture level and the weight it’s supposed to be.

  5. Paula

    I think this is my favorite strain in Canada. BW2G always has it and it is always amazing. Its my go to strain. A true Indica that is really potent and will let you have a smooth day – all day every day

  6. Bill

    Do not recommend King Louis for daytime use. This is a super powerful Indica. This gave me no anxiety or paranoia. The buzz was extremely heavy without being overwhelming. The body high was an intense ride.

  7. Howie

    I genuinely enjoyed this strain. Super strong and one of the best strains I tried all year

  8. Angie

    I have smoked some great strains in my life but King Louis has to take the cake – super strong and this will KO off your feet

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