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Buddha Boys Bruce Banner AAAA Sativa

Buddha Boys have taken this popular sativa strain to the next level by producing the Buddha Boys Bruce Banner AAAA Sativa. If you love Bruce Banner cannabis then you must try AAAA Bruce Banner made exclusively by the Buddha Boys who are known for making premium quality AAAA strains and produce nothing less than an AAAA. The Buddha Boys only produce AAAA and Bruce Banner is their top selling AAAA sativa. All the buds are massive with huge crystallization and the smell is so intense you know you will be getting the best AAAA quality bud in Canada.

This AAAA strain of Bruce Banner induces strong cerebral high and is sought after by most medicinal marijuana patients. Medical user love that Bruce Banner is able to boosts energy, and creativity. This AAAA strain helps uplift mood and alleviate depression, anxiety and help with social situations. Bruce Banner helps relax the body, relieves stress, has good analgesic properties.

This AAAA Bruce Banner is bright green, has big buds and high THC content over 25% and delivers a strong punch that is quick and long lasting. This has a cerebral energy buzz to help with creativity.

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  1. Todd F

    Picked up an ounce of this and it did not disappoint. This is probably the best Bruce Banner I ever had. I highly recommend the s Bruce Banner for those who are having anxiety ADD problems ADD ADHD bipolar disorder PTSD.
    Even if you don’t have these it is great in helping you relax and feel great. The smoke burns purer white and it took about 10 min for the full effects to kick in. But once it did it was an incredible high.
    Bruce Banner has always been on my top 5 overall favorite buds but the Buddha Boys version is sooooo much better than anything else on the market

  2. Albert

    Buddha Boys reminds me of that song “Balls to the Wall”. When I smoke this I get that huge rush and and I feel like banging my head like I did when I was a teenager. Bruce Banner gives me energy and a great rush that picks up my mood. I love this strain. This is how a sativa strain should feel like. A must have smoke for any collection

  3. Scarlett

    The best Bruce Banner in Canada. I have tried others buy the Buddha Boys version is by far the best. Instantly I noticed that I was happier and more focused and felt so much better.

    This is a perfect strain for those with stress issues. Immediately after I took a hit of this and it fixed my anxiety within five minutes. I highly recommend Bruce Banner for those with anxiety ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, PTSD, PMS, mood and other pains. If you have negativity or just can’t focus or get anything done take a hit a Bruce.

  4. Carol

    Bruce Banner lives up to it’s name. No wonder why this strain is so talked about. This sativa gives you an intense cerebral blast of motivation and creativity, followed by a very powerful body high. I was SO STONED after 1/2 hour. Hands down favorite strain

  5. Angel

    Best Bruce in Canada. Best smoke I ever had

  6. Morgan

    Best Bruce Banner I ever had. Buddha Boys are the best growers in Canada HANDS DOWN. The smoke is smooth and you will have the best high in the world that last for hours

  7. Henry Bork (verified owner)

    This one was okay but not my number one choice. No sedativeness on this one. I think the THC was under 20%

  8. Steven

    My hands down favorite strain and a classic if you are a Buddha Boys lover. I typically get couch locked and lazy easily but not with this Bruce Banner. With this straim I was able to get more done than usual, as well what felt like driving with a pretty high degree of focus and energy.

  9. Kalyan

    Bruce Banner is hands down favorite strain! I’m one of those smokers who gets couchlocked and lazy. Typically a 1/4 a week smoker, but I smoked a 1/2 of Bruce Banner in a week because and it was so good and I was even able to get more work done and felt a high of focus.

  10. Shelly

    Excellent .. Amazing .. Bruce Banner lasts a long time. Took about 4 tokes off this joint of Bruce and was stoned for about 2 hours with a nice come down. The high is overwhelming at first but about 30 minutes later it kind of morphs into a very introspective space in your head, to an extremely relaxing body high. The first 30 to 45 minutes were almost too intense cerebrally.

  11. Casey

    Best sativa strain out there. If you love sativa don’t buy anything other then Bruce Banner. BW2G has the best Bruce in Canada hands down.

  12. Rosineers

    Hands down the best sativa in my current lineup. Perfect buzz that keeps you going and no hangover burnout

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