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24 Karat Extracts Shatter – Skywalker
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24 Karat Extracts Shatter – Skywalker



When you see 24 Karat products, you will notice specific features. This particular concentrate is one of the purest forms of cannabis extracts and will typically have an amber hue to it. Shatter holds a toffee-like hardness and is usually delivered in the form of a translucent sheet with a glassy transparency.

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For shatter lovers, the sativa side of Skywalker OG allows for a nice euphoric head high that is soon followed by couch-lock, relaxation and being more lethargic. People who use Skywalker OG shatter find this strain’s high as having an intense stoney high that will leave you completely couch-locked, sluggish, relaxed, and in a severe case of the munchies. This is followed by a euphoric head high that dissipates into a deep slumber. The high is mostly relaxed, with euphoria and a mood boost.

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