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New Ways to Use CBD

Daily CBD 2500mg
Daily CBD 2500mg

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, cannabidiol, or CBD, has been garnering a lot of attention lately. Awareness of its medicinal properties have grown and people now actively turn to online marijuana dispensaries for this “miracle drug” to help alleviate their ailments. Oils, tinctures, lotions and edibles are popular products for those who do not wish to smoke or vape, however, there are other lesser known ways in which to take advantage of this natural remedy for whatever ails you.

Available at your cannabis shop, mail order marijuana outlet or online dispensary in Canada, inhalers are a great way to discreetly dose. Compact and portable, these devices very much resemble the inhalers used by asthmatics and rely on an aerosol spray mist for delivery. Unlike lotions or tinctures, inhalers dole out a measured dose which enter the bloodstream after it diffuses in the lungs and thus moves into the circulation system faster. Flavoured inhalers such as lavender, lemon or spearmint are also available, however, those in the know at the local shops and online marijuana dispensaries usually advise to steer clear of these as to avoid any additional additives which may cause adverse reactions.

CBD bath salts are also quickly becoming a much sought after product at most local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and online dispensaries in Canada. Essentially a mixture of hemp-derived CBD oil, sea salts and essential oils such as lavender and lemon, these salts provide a calming bath for the stressed, tired and cramped body. Lesser known products such as body wash as well as shaving cream and aftershave lotions are also available.

While researching this piece, my friends at the best online dispensary in Canada showed me a product I would have never have imagined—CBD toothpicks. A traditional toothpick coated in CBD oil, these toothpicks contain anywhere from 10mg to 25mg of CBD and is meant to be sucked and nibbled on for up to 45 minutes for full effect. As delivery is sublingual the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream almost immediately and pricier brands are known to be infused spilanthes, an herb which helps increase salvia, thereby quickening the process further. These toothpicks come in a variety of flavours and if you choose the right one, they can be quite refreshing!

Another thing that was brought to my attention by the best online dispensary in Canada and that is worth mentioning are CBD pet treats. Not only do people have their needs taken care of, CBD pet treats are an excellent way to boost the general health of your pet and help address some of their health issues such as pain, inflammation and skin blemishes. Nothing is too good for your best pal!

As you can see, given the greater demand for CBD products nowadays, there are some new and innovative ways for you to get your fix. If you ask at your local cannabis shop, peruse the flyers of your favourite mail order marijuana depots or scroll through the product pages of the various online dispensaries in Canada, you are sure to find some new and interesting products!

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