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If you are a regular visitor to my blog you may have come across one of my previous musing about new ways to use CBD where I alluded to cannabis inhalers, bath salts and coated toothpicks. Well I have made my rounds once again to some local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and several warehouse for online marijuana dispensaries and have found some more neat and nifty ways you can now get your fix.

Now by no means are my finding new discoveries for everyone involved, so in this case, consider it a brief re-introduction or reminder of the more novel or lesser known ways to indulge.

Though nothing new, transdermal patches have been around for at least the last half century to provide measured medicated relief in adhesive format. As these patches are placed directly on the body, medication is absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream with the same principal being applied to versions containing cannabinoids. Available at select cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and online marijuana dispensaries, these patches can be stuck discretely on the body and will release cannabinoids for up to 12 hours. They are great for travelling as they look no different from a nicotine or birth control patch so will not raise the suspicions of boarder security agents.

Whenever I see dip tins on the shelves of my cannabis shop, in the pages of mail order marijuana flyers or in the webpages of the best online dispensary in Canada, I always shudder a little as I imagine a sticky mess of old-fashioned chewing tobacco. If you were to peer inside the tin however, you will find that it contains little teabag-like CBD pouches filled with coconut fibre, essential oils, dried fruit and dry cannabis tincture. Available in a variety of flavours, these little pouches are meant to be held against the inside of your cheek to allow for absorption directly into the bloodstream for a kick that lasts just under an hour.

Dissolvable cannabinoid powder, those shaker cans you see on the shelves of the cannabis shops, in the pages of mail order marijuana flyers or in the webpages of online marijuana dispensaries everywhere. This is a water-soluble, flavourless, odourless and fast acting cannabinoid powder that can be added to virtually anything without compromising the integrity of the final product and can essentially change anything into a potential cannabis edible. The usual ingredients are organic coconut oil, sorbitol, modified food starch and cannabinoid distillates and though you may be tempted to add it to everything, sorbitol—a type sugar alcohol or polyol carbohydrate, may cause serious problems gastrointestinal problems for some so you may want to use sparingly.

There you have it, some more new and innovative ways for you to get your fix. Not only do these products help more people get the medication they need, they come in more shapes and forms than ever before which makes consuming cannabis easier for all involved. There are many other new ways to indulge and if you were to ask at your local cannabis shop, peruse the flyers of your favourite mail order marijuana depots or scroll through the product pages of the various online dispensaries in Canada, you are sure to find some more new and interesting products.


  1. Florence

    Never knew there were so many ways to use CBD or other alternatives. I mainly use tinctures and love how it helps with my sleep and back pain from a car accident a couple of years ago

  2. They will put CBD on anything these days. Next up CBD shampoo

  3. Love CBD, will never go a day without it now

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