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Mixing Different Cannabis Strains

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Regardless if your fancy leans towards Indicas or sativas, or if you consider yourself more of a hybrid type of a person, we all have our favourite strains, but with all the choices out there, why should we limit ourselves to one? Different strains are developed for different reasons—some to soften daily aches and pains while others, to stimulate our senses. Some are developed with potency in mind and yet others are only bred purely for taste. Many of us often purchase more than one type of flower when we visit the local cannabis shop or online marijuana dispensary and switch it up according to our mood, however, what is stopping you from enjoying more than one strain at a time?

My friends from the best online dispensary in Canada explained to me that breeders would produce new strains by selecting specific traits from existing ones and blending them together until a unique new strain is perfected. This is often a long drawn out process, however, you can “achieve” the same results after you buy weed online by combining your flower at home—given that there are thousands of different cannabis strains available, you can mix it up to find something that is uniquely yours and that may better suit your needs.

An associate from the best online dispensary to buy weed online in Canada related an experience he had recently—he over indulged with a certain AAAA THC strain and found it to be a bit more than he bargained for. The next time out, he combined it with some CBD he had on hand and found that the experience was softened somewhat. Though it may sound simple enough, this individual really knew his stuff and was able to get a decent result without too much trouble, but it is more than likely the rest of us would need some experimentation until we find the sweet spot. Cannabinoid and terpenes profiles need to be considered and in a perfect world, each strain should add something to the mix that other does not have. A super psychoactive strain can be brought down a couple of notches while the taste can be enhanced with a tangy, zesty, spicy or even peppery effect—whatever suits your fancy.

Nevertheless, ask at any local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or any place you buy weed online from and they will tell you the process of “creating” a new blend is not as easy as mixing up some odds and ends and hoping for something new and exciting. There is a significant amount of research behind the process and it is often a long drawn out procedure. Having said that, there is nothing stopping you from experimenting for your own “entourage effect”. Not only is blending different strains a great way to use up those bits and pieces, you may also find you come up with something that you truly appreciate in terms of taste and flavour and something that works better in achieving your desired results.


  1. Mixing different cannabis s not like mixing alcohol. So you can go ahead and do it all you want

  2. Yes mixing weed is not like mixing alcohol. But I tend to buy my weed online and smoke that same type like only smoke Inidcas, or only smoke sativas

  3. Hi there. I discovered your website via Google and love your blog. I love how you break down topics on weed in Canada. I always wondered what mixing cannabis strains does to you. Great article

  4. I really like it whenever people come together and share opinions. Great site for buying weed in Canada

  5. Wonderful post, I love mixing different strains together. No matter if its indica, sativa or hybird its not like alcohol

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