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Mixing Alcohol with Cannabis

mixing alcohol with cannabis
mixing alcohol with cannabis

The holiday season will soon be upon us and no doubt you will find yourself invited to a party or two where both alcohol and cannabis will be offered to help celebrate the season, however, can alcohol and cannabis be mixed? This is a common yet often asked question of budtenders at local cannabis shops and a query often found in the FAQ sections of online marijuana dispensaries, and not surprisingly, the answer is “yes”.

Though it is usually not advisable to mix alcohol with medication, however, when it comes to cannabinoids, research has shown that THC absorption can be twice as fast when alcohol is present. I asked an associate at the best online dispensary in Canada who was a chemist in a previous life and was informed that alcohol is believed to increase the ability of the body to absorb THC and that alcohol-based extractions are often used to augment the impact of cannabinoids for medical patients. This associate also explained that oftentimes fat-based concentrates do not work for formulations such as water, sodas, candy or medical drops and an alcohol-based concoction is needed. The cannabis plant is soaked in a high-proof, edible alcohol after which the cannabinoids and terpenes are isolated, purified and then mixed into recipes.

I was reminded by the place that I often buy weed online from that cannabis infused alcoholic beverages are now also available so the two definitely mix, however, oftentimes it is the alcohol that provides the intoxicant more so than the cannabis. Nevertheless, a beer can help heighten the experience of a joint if the right strain is chosen. My favourite online marijuana dispensary recommended a hybrid or sativa with alcohol given it is a depressant and the relaxing effect of a indica might be too chill. Sour beers are good with weed as it can help combat cotton mouth while a pilsner can be quite refreshing and act as a palate cleanser.

Mixing wine with cannabis is a more sophisticated and enjoyable experience as both play off each other and brings out the more subtle olfactory notes. Dry whites with lemony strains of cannabis go well together while others prefer certain reds because of the low tannins. A friend from a local mail order marijuana depot suggested I try some sparkling or prosecco with a joint as it goes a long way to refreshing a dry mouth and throat. I asked around at various cannabis shops online, mail order weed websites and online marijuana dispensaries about hard liquor and cannabis and did not receive any solid recommendations but was reminded that moderation would be key in these instances and to report back with my findings….

As always, reputable local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and online marijuana dispensaries always stress the importance of common sense when using cannabis especially when alcohol is involved. As combing both can create an elevated high it can also cause a green out. Dizziness, nausea, sweating and vomiting are never fun so greater care must be taken in these instances.


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