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Marijuana Allergies

Though often not talked about, marijuana allergies are real, and though a bit of coughing and eye irritation is common after a few tokes, any lasting physical discomfort could be a sign of an allergic reaction. The best online dispensary in Canada has always been one to warn their patrons of such reactions as cannabis allergies are often underdiagnosed and like any kind of allergy, can even strike previous users who have not had any reactions before. Irritated eyes, nasal congestion or drip, difficulty breathing, sore or itchy throat, nausea and skin irritations are only some examples of what type of reaction the unfortunate can expect to experience.

Symptoms of an allergic reaction usually present themselves 20 to 30 minutes after exposure and according to the best weed sites in Canada, symptoms may vary depending upon how you came into contact with cannabis and the amount consumed. For example, if you have come in contact with pollen or cannabis smoke, you may have symptoms similar to that of seasonal allergies. The consumption of edibles, regardless of whether they are homemade or the type you get when you buy edibles online, may cause a rash or gastric irritation. If you were to handle the cannabis plant at any stage—in a grow operation, shopping for it in a retail environment, or in a post retail environment (when you order weed online are preparing it for use) you may experience skin reaction.

It is important to note that not all cannabis plants are created equally and that it may not necessarily be cannabis itself you are having a reaction to. If you found you are allergic to THC you may still be able to utilize CBD products which are low in THC. If you use CBD products such as topicals, oils, edibles or supplements it may be the added ingredients in these products that are the culprit. Hemp is also an additive to many commercial cannabis drinks and commercially prepared edibles so you may still be able to enjoy by preparing your own rather than buy edibles online. Mould is another possibility if the cannabis is not cured or stored properly. Reputable brick and mortar shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online marijuana dispensaries go to great lengths to ensure their goods are only of the best quality and are kept in the perfect environment (this cannot be said of the stuff you get when you buy cheap weed online). Climate control is paramount and this should not change after you buy your weed online and it is shipped to your home.

Consulting a doctor is always recommended if you suspect you have allergies of any kind. You should keep track of your symptoms, their severity and consumption details to help determine a pattern. How much cannabis you consumed and whether you have any other pre-existing allergies are also factors when it comes to a proper diagnosis. Anaphylaxis is always a concern when it comes to allergic reactions as without proper and immediate intervention, dire consequences are a possibility. It is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to allergies and always be mindful that they can strike previous users who have not had any reactions before.

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