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Making Your Own Homemade Bong

Homemade Bong
Homemade Bong

I think we have all been there—bud on hand but nothing to smoke it out of. The local cannabis shops have all closed for the extra-long holiday weekend and a two-day rush delivery from your mail order marijuana outlet or online dispensary in Canada is just too long to wait. This kind of disappointment is something we have all experienced, except for those who have gone above and beyond to solve the problem and crafted their own bong just for the occasion. Mind you, it is always better to use the real thing as flavour, the burn and smoothness will be compromised, so perhaps this would be a good time to use the stuff you get when you buy cheap weed online?

Fruits and vegetables have always been, and remain to this day, a popular bong stand-in. Ask at any local cannabis shop or look through the blog pages of any online marijuana dispensary and you are sure to hear and see stories of the easiest fruit to crave into a bong—the apple. Sturdy yet still soft and not overly sticky and overflowing with natural juices, an apple bong can be made without too much effort. Use a metal straw, empty pen tube or small pen knife to carve out a central stem from the top, going about a third to half way down. On the side of the apple, perpendicular to your first carve, go through once again with your tool until the ends of both hollowed out sections meet. Most people stop at this point, however, if you have a bowl or something that can act as one, place it on top of the apple. As long as you can carve out an airflow system, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Water can be added if you use a large enough fruit such as a pineapple and coconut, however, you would need to use a tube on the side and hollow out from the top.

Regardless of what you use, a pipe screen would be a good idea. They are great for keeping the loose bits in the pipe, and assuming you did not pick up an extra pipe from your local shop, mail order marijuana outlet or online marijuana dispensary, it is only fitting to guess you do not have any pre-made screens as well—good thing you can make your own. Aluminium foil with some fine holes poked into it works. Not only is the foil heat resistant, it is easy to cut down. Other options including using a paperclip or equally thick pliable wire twisted into a coil shape and placed in the bowl to keep the larger bits out as does packing your bowl with the larger bits at the bottom and layering with the smaller pieces on top—not ideal but better than randomly stacking.

Nevertheless, always make a note of what you need prior to hitting up your local shop and take advantage of clearance sales being by your mail order marijuana website or online marijuana dispensary to pick up an extra piece or two as it is never fun to be stuck in a bind. However, necessity is the mother of all invention so as long as you have a need to be filled and a fruit or vegetable, you are good to go.



  1. Betty Smith

    Hey I hope I can follow the steps as you have mentioned to get the homemade bong.

  2. Charles

    This article brings me back to my high school days

  3. Wow I remember using and making bongs of our anything that was lying in the house in my teens

  4. LOL people still make home make bongs?

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