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How to Store Weed

How to Store Weed

You have done your research, ordered weed online from the online marijuana dispensary and are now wondering what is the best way to your stash. Marijuana has no steadfast expiry date, however, how you store you buds will go a long way in determining how long you will have full enjoyment of your purchase.

Poorly stored weed
Poorly stored weed

Like a fine wine, cannabis is kept at its best in a cool and dark place where mildew and mold are discouraged from thriving. Too much warmth can dry out the cannabinoids as well as the oils which would lead to a hot and harsh smoke and a rather unpleasant experience. As heat rises, a low shelf or cupboard away from heat emitting appliances or electronics would be ideal. While storing in a refrigerator or freezer may seem like a good idea the temperature and humidity fluctuations are too much for cannabis and will increase your chance of mould and mildew. Buds become brittle after being frozen causing trichomes to break off leaving you with less than optimal product, very much like the stuff you get when you buy cheap weed online.

59% to 63% relative humidity is the range in which most online dispensaries in Canada recommend cannabis is stored to ensure consistency in look and feel as well as aroma and flavour. Lower temperatures slow the decarboxylation of cannabinoids which help preserve the intoxicating properties of cannabis. A tobacco humidor may seem like an optimal location to store cannabis but most are constructed from cedar which has oils that can transfer onto your buds and affect flavour.

While plenty of light and air are good for a budding and glowing plant the same cannot be said for keeping cannabis at its best. Too much air will speed up the degradation process while too little can affect the relative humidity. The best online dispensaries in Canada use a vacuum pump to minimize the oxygen expose of their products in storage and will vacuum seal all cannabis for mail order marijuana.

Properly stored weed
Properly stored cannabis

Vacuum seal jars or airtight glass containers are an economical way to store your cannabis and are how product is displayed in retail locations and stored in the distribution centre of any online marijuana dispensary. Glass has a neutral charge and does not add any foreign contaminants to the items being stored within, however, the downside to clear glass is that it allows in light which can damage your buds as heat will cause the jar to sweat on the inside increasing the chances for mould. Size is also a consideration as an over-sized jar for a minuscule amount mean more oxygen contained with your stash. A zip lock bag may seem like a good option but plastic has a static charge which will attracts trichomes away from your product.

Though the though of storing all your paraphernalia such as grinders and pipes with your cannabis may seem like a good idea, the ash and resin from previous uses linger and will contaminate the storage container. Different strains should be kept separate for esthetic and cross contamination purposes—retail stores and online marijuana dispensaries do it so why don’t you? Different cannabis products have different storage guidelines. For example, when you buy edibles online it is recommended you do not store these goods for long periods of time, rather follow the directions on the package and store similar to food base items.

Brick and mortar shops as well as online marijuana dispensaries go to great lengths to ensure their goods are kept in the perfect environment for maximum consumer enjoyment. Climate control is paramount and this should not change after you buy your weed online and it is shipped to your home.


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