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How to Rehydrate Weed

Rehydrating Cannabis

Rehydrating Cannabis
Rehydrating Cannabis

Dry weed—the bane of any marijuana smoker. It crumbles to a powder when you try to roll a joint and tastes like yesterday’s socks. Maybe you left it out by mistake, you live in a dryer climate, you decided to buy cheap weed online, or maybe you just found some of the good stuff you hid away for a rainy day, nevertheless, dry weed is not the be-all and end-all and though the local cannabis store and online marijuana dispensaries would recommend your just turf your dry stash, we have other ideas.

Start with a somewhat airtight container as in rehydration, the contain need not be as impermeable as for storage. The general idea is to increase the relative humidity within the container where moisture from the areas of high concentration will migrate to the areas of sparse hydration until everything is evened out. There are several ways to do this and our friends at the best online dispensary in Canada recommended the following:

For the easiest and most “neutral” method use a bread slice, leaf of lettuce or a piece of paper towel. Moisten the bread or paper towel, taking care not to soak it—if in doubt, use a leaf of lettuce as it already contains moisture. Place your dry weed in the container and the bread, paper towel or lettuce it on top of it. Seal the container and let it sit for an hour or two. You can check your progress by how much the bread, paper towel or lettuce has dried out, as the moisture would have transferred to your buds. Depending on how large of a stash you are attempting to rehydrate, you may need to repeat this process a few times. Our friends at the best online dispensary in Canada stressed that patience is key and that we need to be mindful not to rush the process by excessively soaking the bread or paper towel or by leaving it or the lettuce in the container for too long as that could lead to mould formation.

Several of the people we spoke to at the local cannabis store, the mail order marijuana outlet and the online marijuana dispensary suggested that rehydrating dry weed is the perfect opportunity to experiment with fruit peels and herbs in order to obtain a taste and smell uniquely our own. Citrus fruit peels are the most commonly used and provide a nice refreshing taste. Peels from apples or pears do not retain as much moisture so do not transfer their taste as effectively. Herbs such as mint, parsley, rosemary or thyme also work and add a bit of punch.

Though not generally recommended (and absolutely condemned best online dispensary in Canada) is the super quick steam method which can turn your weed into a soggy mess if you are not careful. After bringing a pot of water to boil, remove it from the heat and secure a piece of cloth over the top. Place your weed on the cloth and the hot vapour will pass through and rehydrate your buds. Over the course of the next 30 minutes or so regularly turn and mix your weed about to ensure even vapour distribution.

Prevention is always key and though it is possible to rehydrate your dry weed, you may find that in the process you have added some welcome flavours or have destroyed your stash completed. As our friends from the local cannabis store, the mail order marijuana outlet and the online marijuana dispensary reminded us, smoking rehydrated weed is like eating leftovers, it will never be as it was before.


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