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How to Improve the Burn Rate of Your Joint

When sparking up with your favourite bud, a long burning joint is what we all strive for. Burn rate is crucial and can make or break an experience. We asked some of the experts from the local cannabis shops and online marijuana dispensaries on how to achieve this and here is what they said.

For starters, get a quality product as good buds are the best place to start when aiming for a slow burning joint. Properly cured cannabis with the right amount of moisture (approximately 10%) is paramount as dry, crumbly leaves will lead to a faster burn. Buying from a reputable store or online marijuana dispensary is the way to go as inferior product, whether you buy in person or you buy cheap weed online, will end up costing you more in the long run.

Always use a grinder as this will provide you with the consistency needed for an even burn. Be mindful of a loose grind and larger pieces as well as very small or finely ground weed as this will cause too much, or not enough air from circulating through the joint. Pack tightly but not so much as to restrict air from flowing through. Decent grinders are not expensive and can be easily purchased from any retail cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary.

Cross Joint
Cross Joint

The rolling papers you use is are also another consideration. Thinner papers allow more air to pass though causing the joint to burn slower. Composition of the paper is also another factor as it is now possible to purchase papers made from hemp, rice and wood pulp among others. Wood pulp is the most common and most readily available at most cannabis retailers and online dispensaries in Canada, but unfortunately they also burn the fastest. Rice papers have the lowest burn rate but are the most difficult to handle while hemp burns slower than wood and are more sturdy than rice, which makes them a happy medium. Regardless, choose the simplest paper with the least amount of additives, such as flavours, as additives can cause the paper to burn faster. Peruse the paraphernalia section of your cannabis store or online marijuana dispensary as you are sure to find something that suits your needs.

For the adventurous among us, using cannabis wax in your joints also make them burn slower while adding a nice cannabinoid boost. For the best results, spread the wax thinly and evenly on the inside of your paper before adding your bud of choice. The showmen among us like to glaze the outside of their joints and sprinkle some bud on it for effect, but regardless of however cool this looks, it can get quite messy. If you can do without the extra kick, one of the online dispensaries in Canada that we spoke to recommended we lightly coat the inside of the joint with honey in lieu of wax for the same drawn out effect.

So there you have it, just a few pointers from the experts at the local cannabis shops and best online dispensaries in Canada to help prolong your experience. Regardless of what works for you, we can all agree that nothing is better than a slow burning joint.

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