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How to Deal with a Sore Throat from Smoking Cannabis

Sore Throat from Smoking Weed
Sore Throat from Smoking Weed

One of the more interesting questions often asked at cannabis shops or seen in the FAQ section of most online marijuana dispensaries is, “How to deal with a sore throat from smoking cannabis?”. Not only does smoking give you a dry and irritated throat, it oftentimes comes with a cough. Inhaling hot smoke dries out the throat and nasal passages and research has shown that CBD and THC actually inhibits saliva production further adding to the discomfort. If the irritation has gotten so bad and to the point where you are thinking of quitting, we may have a few suggestions to help improve the situation and help you change your mind.

Staying hydrated, regardless if you have a sore throat or dry mouth from smoking cannabis, is always recommended for good health. Cool water is best and try to stay away from hot beverages or alcohol if you want a quick fix. Candies or lozenges are great for soothing the throat and not only do they help stimulate saliva production, some lozenges also contain local anaesthetic which will help numb the discomfort. Inhaling steam, whether it be from a humidifier or hot steamy water is an effective way to quickly reintroduce moisture back into the throat and nasal passages. An associate from the best online dispensaries in Canada recommended putting a spoonful of VapoRub into a basin full of hot water and breathing over it while tenting your head under a towel. She also suggesting treating an irritated throat and nasal passage from cannabis smoke like treating a cold—have a bowl of chicken soup. Not only does this work, it will help ease the munchies.

If the approaches mentioned thus far do not work for you and you are still thinking about quitting marijuana, we have a few more suggestion for you. As seen from the wide variety of vapes now available at every cannabis shop, whether it be in person or at an online marijuana dispensary, vaping cannabis is fast becoming a popular option to smoking as vapour or steam, is safer and cleaner than smoke as it contains fewer toxins and carcinogens. Not only that, vapour is easily cooled down by the body meaning there is less irritation to the throat when inhaling. Whether you make your own or you buy edibles online, these goodies can be an alternative to smoking. You would need to plan your intake in advance, given the time required to feel the full effects, but indulging in an edible is more discreet and the effect can last for a prolonged period of time. Topicals and patches are also good alternatives and like edibles, their effects are long lasting. Very discreet, topicals and patches are perfect for those looking to ease a specific ache or pain and are now widely available at any mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary.

Options now abound for those who are seriously affected by the aftereffects of smoking cannabis. You can look to ease your discomfort after-the-fact or seek to nip the problem in the bud and prevent it from happening in the first place. Regardless, as a friend from the best online marijuana dispensary in Canada said, there is no need to go to extremes and quit marijuana entirely!


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