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How to Conserve Your Weed – Part 1

How to Conserve Your Weed How to Conserve Your Weed
How to Conserve Your Weed

Times are rough, times are hard so we all need to do, what we need to do to conserve our stash. Saving money is great as are limiting our treks to the local cannabis shop, our calls to the mail order marijuana website or our visits to the online marijuana dispensary. There are always things we can do to stretch our weed further and the following are just a few ideas.

Ask anyone, regardless or whether you buy your weed in person or you buy marijuana online and they will tell you that the right equipment for a great experience is always the best place to start—this also holds true for those trying to stretch their stash. Blunts and joints are the least efficient way to spark up as the roll continues to burn regardless if you are inhaling or not. To properly pack a blunt or joint, a lot of weed is required meaning you are unlikely to get much satisfaction out of a gram. Using a glass piece such as a pipe or bong is better for conserving your weed as they have smaller bowls which prevents overloading. You can always spark up another if you want more. Bongs are also good in that the long tube allows you to take advantage of the smoke coming from the burning cannabis, meaning you will require fewer hits from a bong to get the same experience. Peruse the paraphilia section of your local shop or online marijuana dispensary for a pipe or bong to see if anything catches your eye.

Corning, or to corner a bowl is another way to be stingy with the weed. This is something that we had brought up recently as a method to not only impress in a smoking circle, but as a great way to conserve weed. After lighting your flame away from your pipe, bring it over to the bowl and ease the flame over the lip to only light a small corner of the bowl. If done properly, only a small ember or “cherry” is lit and is stoked with each drag of the pipe, thereby preventing excessive flower from going up in side smoke or when the pipe is idle. Lighting up this way prevents dropping flint and uncombusted fuel onto your weed and tainting the flavour, meaning, it may not be the quality of bud you are buying that gives it that less than desirable taste, but rather, your technique (does this now mean you can lower your quality expectations and buy cheap weed online…?). Ask at your local cannabis shop for pointers or peruse the education section of any online dispensary in Canada for how-to videos.

A grinder is an absolute necessity for any serious cannabis user regardless if you have the best bud out there or opt to buy cheap weed online. Not only does grinding increase surface area so your weed can burn more consistently and evenly which helps conserve weed, but a three tier grinder with a kief catcher will grab up the trichomes that fall away and can be used as a topper on your next bowl or for anything else you may dream of.

Conservation, whether it be the environment or your weed stash, is always a good thing. Hitting up your local shop during a sale or stocking up next time you see a decent deal from your mail order marijuana distributor or online marijuana dispensary are also things to ponder. We still have some good ideas up our sleeve so stayed tuned for part 2.

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