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Hotboxing, an activity which involves smoking cannabis in a confined space so smokes fills the entire area. This can be done in any confined space such as a car, bathroom, closet or shed that is large enough to conduct a smoking circle with several people yet small enough to fill with a substantial amount of exhaled smoke. First and foremost, I was cautioned by those I consulted with for this blog post as to the potential danger if this activity is not performed correctly. All my friends from the various local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana stores and those I buy weed online from insisted in a caveat cautioning that too much smoke and carbon dioxide in an enclosed area can easily lead to oxygen deprivation which is harmful. You might ask, if it is so potentially dangerous, then why do people still do it? It is to get nice and high—or do they really…?

The best online dispensary in Canada pointed to a 2015 John Hopkins University study on contact highs and found that those who smoked in a hotboxed scenario and those who smoked in a normally ventilated room did not have any discernable difference in cannabinoid levels. Only the non-smokers in this controlled study where effected with a contact high. Needless to say, hotboxing is still a rite of passage of sorts and is an experience within itself. Nevertheless, to have the ultimate experience some preparations need to take place prior to the session.

The site that I often buy bud online from stressed that the most important and often overlooked factor in hotboxing is choosing the right location. Not only do you need to take into account how many people will be smoking, you need to be aware of how much cannabis will be consumed and whether the potential locale can provide the optimal smoke versus air ratio. My friends from the mail order marijuana depot also pointed out that any location that is chosen will totally be overwhelmed by the smell of marijuana so it is best to choose a venue that can be easily cleaned of residual odour or is void of any smell retaining materials such as soft furniture, curtains or area rugs.

A bathroom is a choice location, as not only can it be easily scrubbed down, the ventilation fan will come in useful afterwards to help eliminate some of the lingering smell. It is also interesting to note that hotboxing in a bathroom can also add another element to the experience. If the shower were to be turned on and run on hot, the experience of smoking in a room where steam has built up is called a Jamaican or Hawaiian Hotbox.

Whether done out of necessity or out of novelty, hotboxing can be a fun experience if the necessary precautions are taken. As all my friends from the local shops, mail order marijuana outlets and online dispensaries in Canada reminded me, be mindful of oxygen levels to avoid feeling lightheaded or woozy and if it becomes too much, allow for fresh air into the space or step away to clear your lungs. Hotboxing also leaves tell-tale odours so be considerate and do not hotbox in spaces where others would not appreciate the activity.


  1. Hotboxing brings back memories of high school in my parents car

  2. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article post. Brings me back to hotboxing in the my buddy’s car in high school

  3. Patricia

    LOL hotboxing that brings me back

  4. Charles

    Thank you so much for this article. Brings me back to my high school days smoking weed in a car

  5. Thanks for your useful post. I still remember hotboxing in the car after school or in a bathroom. Brings back so many memories

  6. Every olds school smokers knows about hotboxing. Its part of growing up

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