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Honey Nectar Vape Cartridges & Batteries

If you are looking to buy vapes online, from the #1 MOM in Canada – If rolling joints are a hassle for you, or you don’t love the lingering smell of weed – Or maybe you want to try a more discreet, fruit-flavoured way to inhale your THC – Consider vaping!

510 thread vape pen
Honey Black Vape Pen Battery & USB Charger

Consider: Honey Nectar Vape Cartridges & Batteries!

These convenient and attractive  pure honey nectar refills and batteries come in twelve delicious natural flavours, and two different colours!








Honey THC Vape Refills
Honey Lime THC Vape Refill

Available Flavours:


Available 510 Thread Battery/Pen & Cartridge Colours:


Each 5ml refill cartridge contains 500mg THC, and contains only two ingredients: Pure CO2 Extracted THC and natural flavours!

Honey Nectar Vape Pens are a wonderful way to introduce yourself to vaping – Or to try something new & smooth in your vape rotation.

We love how a vape pen lets you microdose THC on the go without any mess or fuss, and we are crazy for all twelve of those natural flavours! customers are raving over these vape pens and refills – See what the hype is for yourself, and:

Put Your Honey Where Your Mouth Is

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