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Hiding Cannabis from Children

Hiding Cannabis from Children
Hiding Cannabis from Children

Since the dawn of time children have been getting themselves into things they should not be and causing all sorts of trouble along the way. Finding their parent’s stash of cannabis and helping themselves to it is nothing new and more than a few times children have been admitted to a hospital emergency room for marijuana related poisonings. Many parents have gone to great lengths to discreetly buy edibles online, hide them in their sock drawer, only to have their little ones find them and consume more than their little bodies and minds can handle. Despite what you believe is extra care taken to hide your edibles and other cannabis products, kids will always be able to surprise you with what they can dig up when you are not looking.

The paraphernalia section of your local cannabis shop or online marijuana dispensary offers some solutions to help keep your kids out of your stash such as unbreakable push and twist lid bottles styled similarly to that of a pill bottle and cases constructed to be very difficult for little hands to open. If you are looking for something less conspicuous, hide-in-plain-sight personal vaults styled to resemble other household products such as the canned goods in a pantry would also work as would book safes that are secured with a key or combination lock—both are very reasonable in price and can be purchased easily anywhere. When asked at a mail order marijuana depot and the best online dispensary in Canada the staff there suggested keeping cannabis hidden in items that kids are usually not interested in such as an empty coffee can or an old prune box.

For the real curious and inquisitive kids, a budtender from whom I buy weed online suggested some more high tech or fool-proof solutions such as motion detectors and wi-fi cameras. Motion sensors can be attached to anything and alert you when any distinct movement is detected while a wi-fi camera will not only notify you when it sees motion but will also provide video feed of what is happening.

Given that cannabis consumption is now legal, this undoubtable leads to more and more people buying weed in Canada. Regardless if you prefer flower, edibles or concentrates, the need to keep these items away from curious unsuspecting children is paramount. At one point in time the best online dispensary in Canada was requesting their distributors of edibles to supply their items in packaging that could not be easily opened by children, however, this obligation was eventually dropped as these packages were presenting too much of a hinderance for seniors and physically challenged individuals. This effort on behalf of best online dispensary in Canada should serve as a reminder to parents and guardians that it is ultimately their responsibility and not those from whom they buy weed in Canada to protect their children. Though gallant, the efforts of distributors, retail cannabis shops, mail order marijuana (MOM) and online marijuana dispensaries should only assist or supplement the efforts of parents and guardians at home.


  1. michella

    I love to smoke the sticky icky but you always have to be mindful about hiding it from children

  2. Patrick

    Way cool, some valid points! I appreciate you mtalking about how to keep weed away from kids. Weed is great but people should not smoke it till later in life

  3. People hide your stash good or your kids will smoke it

  4. I hide my weed well. Its just as good as hiding the porn from my wife

  5. Superb post that everyone needs to know about cannabis. ALWAY hide you stash and dont let your kids near it.

  6. Get a safe, then your stash is always secure

  7. I hide mine in a child proof bottle so the young ones can get at it. Once they are older who knows where I will stash my stash

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