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Even More New Ways to Use CBD

Benefits of CBD
Benefits of CBD

For those of you who are keeping track, this is the third installment of “new ways to use CBD”. Whenever I make my rounds at the local cannabis shops, mail order marijuana depots and various warehouse for online marijuana dispensaries I always find, or am shown, some new (or new to me) ways to consume CBD. Here is what I found this time.

Gum, mints and strips—discreet and very easy to consume, these little gems are great for micro-dosing or to quell unexpected symptoms wherever you may be. Not entirely new, but always worth mentioning, as more and more companies are getting into this game and the selection has never been better—have a look at the racks at your local cannabis shop, pages of your mail order marijuana flyer or peruse the candy section of the best online dispensary in Canada and you may be surprised at what you may find.

Since we are on the topic of cannabis goodies, I was recently shown some newer and lesser known edibles that unfortunately are only readily available when you buy edibles online. Granola infused with a hemp-derived cannabidiol extract to top off your morning cereal is no longer something that you wish someone would dream up, nor are sweet and savory pretzels, caramel popcorn, potato chips and cheesies to go with that cool pop. But perhaps what really caught my eye was the infused beef jerky and ramen noodle soup—where were you during my university days?

Never widely available yet long overdue and never getting enough attention are cannabis infused suppositories—I am thinking specifically of all the ladies out there suffering from the pain and discomfort of endometriosis as well as those who suffer from other forms of lower body pain. The best online dispensary in Canada has a long list of admirers of this particular product who swear by it as local relief can be had within 20 minutes. If you are having other issues with the “lower” region there are numerous products that can help whether you are looking to “relax” things or get the “action” started down there.

Once again there you have it, some more new and innovative ways for you to get your cannabis fix. Though not widely available in all segments of the market, you may be able to find some of them if you look around—ask at your local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or check online with your favourite online marijuana dispensary for more information. By no means have I touched upon all the new and interesting cannabis related products out there and new and intriguing items are sure to pop up soon. As always, keep an open mind and if something does not work for you, keep searching until you find something that does—the shelves of the local cannabis shop, the flyers from the mail order marijuana depot and the pages of the many online dispensaries in Canada are sure to yield something to meet your needs sooner or later.

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