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Does Cannabis Cause Hallucinations?

Cannabis and Psychosis
Cannabis and Psychosis

It is well known that cannabis can provide relief to those suffering from aliments or a pleasant and uplifting effect for those who seek it. Both experiences can be amplified with concentrates, extracts or edibles taken at the right time, however, is this the extent of the herb? Typically, those who wander into the local cannabis shop or buy weed online are not looking for a full out psychedelic experience as cannabis acts on a different biochemical pathway than for example, magic mushrooms. Though there is a world of difference in smoking a few joints versus chewing a few grams of mushrooms, historically cannabis has always been classified as a hallucinogenic drug as under certain circumstances, cannabis can in fact induce hallucinations.

Classic psychedelics including LSD, mescaline and magic mushrooms have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years in ceremonial or religious practices to induce a mystical state of mind. THC rich strains of cannabis have also been used for thousands of years in the same practices as the sensations of euphoria and well-being also provide for an altered state. Though cannabis does not induce intense trips or out-of-body experiences to the same extent as true psychedelics, any local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary will be able to tell you some strains are more potent than others and that certain individuals have reported hallucinogenic effects while using them.

Oftentimes underlying conditions may contribute to this visual experience. If an individual is suffering from a mental illness, a neurological condition, a fever or from an adverse reaction to medication or is simply deprived of proper sleep they can undergo hallucinations while entirely sober, and if cannabis is added to the mix, these illusions will be amplified. Nevertheless, the experts at the best online dispensary in Canada pointed out everyone reacts differently to cannabis—a single hit may be enough for some while others need much more for any discernible difference so it is not a surprise anyone with an underlying condition may have an embellished experience.

What we do know for a fact is that cannabis does not act like the classic psychedelic and anyone turning to the local cannabis shop, mail order marijuana depot or online marijuana dispensary for such an experience will most likely be disappointed. Though cannabis may catalyse its own type of hallucinations, it is from a different mechanism than that of LSD or magic mushrooms. The pursuit of the intense cannabis high has led many to think outside the box (or in a hotbox) and employ different methods to reach this state. Adding concentrates, extracts and edibles to a smoking session will help intensify the experience and could provide a profound high if timed correctly, however, care must be taken as too much cannabis at once can have adverse affects such as feelings paranoia, confusion and panic—a balance definitely needs to be found.

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