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Does Cannabis Affect Men and Women Differently?

Generally, the effects of cannabis on people are relatively predictable yet physiological and gender ultimately plays an important part in what those differences are. Retail cannabis stores often make an effort to communicate this to their customers at point of sale as do the best online dispensaries in Canada upon checkout, however, it is always good to do a little research on your own.

Historically, men tend to use cannabis more than women with younger men making up the largest percentage. After polling some brick and mortar stores, as well as online marijuana dispensaries, we have found this to be statically true. Though frequency and quantity are not necessarily determining factors, research has shown that men have generally reported more intense effects from the use of cannabis. Gender specific hormones play a large role in determining how psychotropic substances affects individuals and it is no doubt that this plays a large role in how often and how much men indulge in the occasional joint.

When we polled brick and mortar stores and online marijuana dispensaries we were oftentimes told that though they observed that both men and women became tolerant to cannabis overtime, it was their experience that women tend to build up a tolerance quicker than men. When taking a tolerance or “reset” break, women also reported to these stores and online marijuana dispensaries more withdrawal or negative symptoms than men such as lack of appetite, anxiety, sleep issues and gastrointestinal discomfort.

A recent study was done on the difference in pain relief between men and women when it came to the use of cannabinoids. It was concluded that men reported a significant decrease in sensation and more pain relief than women within the control group. It could be surmised women require a higher dosage of the same product or would benefit from a different delivery method. The best online dispensary in Canada commented they have noted this to be the case oftentimes as women always seemed to be more inquisitive when it came to cannabis products as their reaction time and general effects.

Gender specific hormones play a major role in how cannabis reacts differently in men and women. The presence and absence of particular hormones affects the receptors in the brain, which ultimately effects sensation or lack thereof. In other words, brain chemistry is different between men and women. The best online dispensary in Canada referenced a study that was conducted in relation to tobacco which showed that the rewarding effects of nicotine was key for men as dopamine was released in the part of the brain associated with pleasure and reinforcement. The same study determined that women smoked to reduce stress and that dopamine release in their brain was associated in response to negative inputs. Though nicotine works differently from cannabinoids, this research does show that gender differences do have some validity.

Regardless if the differences in how one reacts to cannabis is due to gender or physiological variances, it is beneficial to realize that each individual reaction is unique. Seeking the advice from those in retail stores or online marijuana dispensaries is a good place to start in building your knowledge.

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